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Earmold earplugs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Kha-Khees, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. So on saturday while I was at the motoGP I saw earmold australia had a stand in the expo. They were doing sets of ear plugs on site @ 70 bucks for a completely standard pair.

    Decided to get a set as the weekend before I did 800+ Ks of riding with a disposable pair that I couldn't get to consisently work with my left ear, and kneading them got annoying. (They still make a huge difference and I encourage everyone to use them at least)

    Molding only took about 15 minutes, ears are washed, a cotton plug is inserted in front of the drum and they inject the silicone mix into your ear (tickles!). You get to sit there looking like you've got an infection for 10 minutes or so while it sets.

    Conclusion after picking them up for the ride home: Money well spent. They reduce the roar from around 90+ to a whisper (which is actually quite pleasant, as sounds are still important). No problems hearing people and they're pretty comfy in the helmet also easy to insert, but removing them is a little tricky at first.
  2. 70 is reasonable for a molded set. Last I heard the asking price for their air tubes (rather than drivers) was well past 200.
  3. $70? Bloody oath, if I thought I could get them that cheap I wouldn't have just spent $44 on 200 pairs of disposables!
  4. shit at that price i'll have to see if I can score me a set
  5. i asked if they were interested in a group buy kind of deal but noone seems to return phone calls or emails :(
  6. Hah, ok so that was a good price, I'd done research but only found a DIY set for around 45.

    Have a feeling it was a GP special, and they might not be replying atm due to it still being tuesday after the GP. They were under the pump on saturday, probably the same friday and worse on sunday. I'll bet they're taking a rest for a few days.

    AFAIK they're based in QLD, too. I'm not sure how they normally go about making you a set.

    in sydney in nov and back @ PI for superbikes feb next year.
  7. I contacted them about 8 weeks ago...

    They have reps all over AUS
  8. those DIY ones sound interesting, got a link?
  9. They ALWAYS have a stand at the Annual Bike Show (Sydney this year). I bought mine three years ago at the show, best money I ever spent on a bike accessory.

    On the Friday of the show, as I recall, they turned over $45,000 :shock:.
  10. damn.,.. should of wandered into the expo! hahah
  11. I had a set made a few weeks ago, cost me $80 for em, had to go meet the guy at a clay shooting club, which kinda makes sense as I am sure shooters use them too.

    Just been getting used to them, cuts down the noise really well, only issue is the ear gaps in my helmet don't line up with my ears, so I get a little pressure on the plugs when riding, trying to work out how to sort that problem out..

    Best thing to do is email them & express interest, they sent me the contact details of the nearest dealer who could make me a set.
  12. I too have a set of them and they really do make a huge difference. Makes riding so much more enjoyable:)
  13. I did the DIY type last year ($45) and they were ok for about 3 months until I went to the bike expo and got a set made by hearlink for $60 and they were great until I went and got a set of earmolds made early this year and the difference was huge ($70 price)... the earmolds are done far deeper into the ear (this difference may be due to me being a chicken during the DIY set creation) and block out far more noise. they are comfortable for longer and with the sealant coat they use they seem to stay cleaner and fit better for longer.

    I just recently got a set of the "stereo wires" made up for $240 and yes they use rubber tubes down to driver units at chest level and not drivers in the plugs but from what i can tell they are indistinguishable from my "solid" earmolds in terms of sound reduction performance. The quality and clarity of sound out of the units is awesome too. Nothing enhances a long ride like a bit of music... I finally paid for the speaker units because my old Blueant Interphone speakers didn't fit in my nice shiny RHOK helmet with my obnoxiously large head and I wanted comms on the bike.

    All said and done they were worth the price of getting the earmolds and in retrospect I should have skipped the DIY ones.
  14. The wired earmolds are a good product BUT the tubes go hard and brittle and piping audio through tubes means they don't sound anywhere near as good as they could. I have had my pair for about 3 years and the tubes are rooted, I called and spoke to earmold who put me onto their agent in Melbourne, who I called asking for info on how to get them repaired and he never returned my call...pretty poor customer service.

    I wish they would get with the times and piss the tubes off and integrate the drivers directly into the plug itself like a custom in ear monitor. I'm happy to pay for quality products but an extra $170 on top of the molds for a cheap pair of speakers with curly tubes screwed on the end is taking the piss just a little
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    I just booked in to get a set made next week after reading this. Blacktown (close to me) and $75. Perfect.
  16. Hey guys,

    I've tried the earmold units but found them a bit uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time. Also found that they dampened too much of the engine noise. Call me old fashioned but i like to hear the engine!

    I tried another product from earplugonline.com.au. They are more expensive but they do have a filter in them which still let me hear the engine and i suppose just a importantly, let me hear alot of the outside noise, other cars etc.

    I rode to Sydney from Melbourne and wore them the whole time and even forgot i was wearing them when i stopped at Albury!! I didn't have any ringing in my ears either!!

    Just my opinion offcourse.

    Atxteam (1991 GSX-R1100)
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    More information please !!
  18. Earmold Australia - Joanne is the lady for Sydney, does them at her house. See contact details here, scroll down to NSW. It took about half an hour all up. There was a bit of a production line happening, with a few people before me at different stages and another guy who came after. She puts a cotton ball in first on a string to protect your eardrum, then inject a plastic (available in several colours). It stays in there for 5-10 mins and then she takes it out, takes another 15 mins or so to cure, including getting a coating of something that makes it smooth.

    The result is a tightly fitting ear plug. You can still hear a bit, but it blocks out most noise. They can be used for swimming too - it's a watertight fit. I'm happy with them.
  19. Hmmm I got moulded earplugs for, hmmm lemme think, I reckon it was about $5??
    I bought the stuff from VIC right here on Netrider, mind you, that was about 2 years back?? but they work great!!
  20. I've had a set of Earmoulds for about 2 years now.
    When I first got them I wasn't happy as I got better sound reduction with the disposables (they are great if fitted properly)
    Mine were done by Aaron in his home in Cranbourne (works at PS Dandenong during the day)
    Contcted him & we tried putting an extra couple of coats of sealant on them, that didn't work.
    So he just made a new set for me only deeper into the ear canal. Now I wouldn't be without them. Best $70 I've spent.