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EarMold Ear Plugs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by glipschitz, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Well after riding for a year now. I have found that when I was getting off the bike, my hearing was not quite right.

    So after looking into the options in the Ear Plug market, I decided to take a trip down to the Island on Friday and get a set of the EarMold ear plugs.

    I got the standard ear plugs ($55.00) and a set of the earphone plugs ($199.00).

    They are a silicone injected plug, so they fit your ear, and your ear only. They are right into the ear canal, so you get maximum sound reduction. They say anyware from 120-90db down to 20db. Enough to eliminate wind, road and some bike noise - but still having some surrounding noise.

    Last night, I popped the music ones in for a trip into Saturday night coffee, and I must say, these things are good. They cut the wind and road noise down to a minimum, and made the ride much better.

    The music plugs are very nice, but I found for "city" riding, the standard plugs would have been a bit better. As much as the music is nice to sing along to, it reduces the surrounding sounds a bit too much.

    A very good investment into your hearing and enjoyment in the riding arena.

    For more information see www.earmold.com.au



  2. G, they are great, even though I only have the non-musical ones. Will just have to keep singing inside my helmet if I want music. Is good to know that you can get them at PI, as Husband has just broken off the bit that goes into your ear on his, just after we left NDR at Beechworth, where he could have had a pair made! I wear mine for all long rides and am always amazed at how noisy it is if I don't put them in.
  3. Do they have an agent at Phillip Island?

    I was waiting for the expo for Ray to make me a set of each.
  4. Vic,

    Yeah, they have a rep at the track on track days.

    She is very good and has been trained by Ray.

  5. So you spent a year on the Man Bag and had no hearing problems... then jump on the SV and are going deaf; i think there's a few lessons in this.

    1. Man bag's aren't loud (unless you FireEagle the baffle's :wink: )
    2. SV's are loud and will cause deafness, sterility, ,senility and occasional hair loss.
  6. There is also an agent in Wantirna....a bit closer than PI :wink:

  7. But Ray gives me a Netrider price :grin:
  8. I'm told that agent isn't too flash when dealing with people. *shrug*
  9. just a footnote on the earplugs

    if you happen to work in the security industry .. there also tax deductable... theres probably other industries you could get the deduction too
  10. With the earphone earplugs how much does the engine noise affect the music? is it really noticeable over the top?
  11. Are these significantly superior to the usual foam cylinders that airlines provide in reducing noise? Obviously they have other advantages in terms of fit etc...
  12. With better fit comes better isolation and therefore better acoustic dampening.
    I think you answered your own question there.
  13. Ah, theory... The reason I asked was because I had some custom made ear plugs about 10 years ago which offered no perceptible improvement over the standard issue Qantas plugs. They were easier to insert/remove, were connected by a piece of string and came in a stylish container but just didn't quieten the world any better. ;-)
  14. Fair enough.
    Personally i use some of the softer plugs designed for sound studios and live gig's. I was going to get a pair of the expensive ones made up but discovered that the softer ones actually work better as they're far more comfortable and seal with my ear canal better.

    I'd say your better off finding a brand of the cheapies that suits you and learning how to put them in properly. If you give up on that search there's always the EarMold ones. :wink:
  15. I tried the cheapies and found them really uncomfy and that they tended to slip out.

    The EarMold stuff seamed reasonably priced considering that when you get a good 3-5years out of them, the $55 was really quite inexpensive.

    To get something that is the best noise cancelling and most comfortable was the way to go in the end.

    I spoke to EarMold and they pointed me towards the people who run the track days at PI and another guy @ Campbellfield. I thought seeing they are at the island, they must be ok, and I must say that she was very good.

  16. Cheapies work really well for myself, and I couldn't really justify big bucks for something that doesn't really work any better. The ones with speakers are a good idea, but for $199 I'd be looking at Etymotic ER-6's, which I have little doubt would offer far better audio quality on and off the bike.

    I just use some of the Sony canalphones while riding - they offer some limited isolation for little money ($65). And I don't need to worry if they fall apart. :p
  17. Tenoq,

    I used to use the Sony Fontopia headphones and agree that headphones that are built as headphones are far better quality and I certainly didnt expect the same quality as the purpose built headphones.

    I wanted noise reduction from the road etc, and for the purpose, the Earmold product is far superior to the headphones.

    The right product for the purpose.

    I must say that I was also rather sceptical when purchasing them, but after wearing them a few times, both on and off the bike, the sound quality is quite respectable.

  18. I have no doubt, glipschitz, that the Earmold ones offer far better noise reduction than the Sony ones - I think the Sonys are only rated at around 20dB reduction, or less. Compare to 30-40dB reduction claimed by most purpose-built ear plugs, it's obvious which will perform better!

    But as I said, spending $200, the ER-6s offer up to 35dB reduction - better than even my cheapy ear plugs I use everyday. For me, that would be the better choice - but again, it would depend on how well they fit your ear, and if the generic fit doesn't suit you, your money would be better spent on the Earmold custom fits.