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early R6 models... 2001-2006

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mr_roboto, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. So, in the process of looking at big bikes and all... What do you guys reckon about the early model R6's. Apparently they had like 122hp.. What is their handling and acceleration, generally what are they like?


  2. i just spent a day at P.I. on mine, not sure what hp it has, but it IS a lot quick in a straight line then my sv1000, and the cornering abilities of the bike is just so easy, (just a matter of look where you want to go) imo if you ride them high in the rev range, and keep em spinning they have plenty enough poke to drive you out the other side.

    The only mod i would suggest you make if you want to ride it hard is a steering damper, cos they do get very light and flightly if you are on the gas early on the exit.

    So conculsion great for track, but i will be keeping the twin for road riding.
  3. Well I want it for road riding. Commuting to and from uni and hooning on the weekends or when i have nothing better to do. Want something fast, but not insanely fast like an R1.
  4. In 03 They added Fuel Injection.
    I would try to keep that as your oldest year.
    But that is my take on it
  5. The R6 evolved very similarly to the Honda CBR. They have incrementally become more powerful as technology has allowed. Starting at about 100bhp with the latest incarnation peaking at 125 for the new 2008 model.

    The big difference between the 600 and 1000's is the torque and delivery of the power band.

    600's are very tame down low and kick in 10,000+ RPM. Up here you get decent acceleration and reasonable top speed (track use). They are all pretty good in handling, but the later version (07 - 08) come with more advanced steering dampening so as to remove some nasty tank slappers and high speed vibrations.

    All in all the R6 / CBR600RR is a great entry race bike and is quite good for road use. However they can be a pain in commuting as you still need to work the gears though traffic.

    A 1000 cc bike will ride more like an auto in traffic with heaps more torque and a very wide speed range even by staying in second gear. Eg. 30 kph - 100 kph.

    Good hunting.
  6. The 03-04 R6 had low down torque, the 05-07 that had been "bread" out of them, apparently they have it back in the 08 model
    I know for a fact the 03 will pull from 40 to 120 in second gear, I wouldn't call that fiddly in traffic.
  7. Try changing lanes in a 600 in 4th gear and apply throttle.
    A 600 requires quite a bit of gear work to keep in the power band.
    Unfortunately this is the case. I didn't generate the physics.
  8. Try Picking a gear that is appropriate for what you are doing... there is no reason to be in 4th on a 600 unless you are in a 100kph zone.
  9. Spent much time on a 600?
  10. On an R6... enough to work out where it started to play, and how to hold it there.
    PP this is not meant to be a Pissing contest, but at the end of the day the liter bike is not the solution to every problem, and your inability to manage something smaller doesn't mean it can't be done. Seriosly, in second gear the 03 - 04 R6 will go from 4krpm and 40kph to 12krpm at 120kph quite easaly. And it is a blast. So unless you are at or over 100 there is no need for anything over 3rd gear as they start to play at around 8krpm. As such second gear is fine for prety much anything you will do around town.