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Early model XVS650 pipes

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Addict, May 25, 2013.

  1. So i'm looking to get some pipes soon for my 01 650A. I would have likes some V&H Short shots but apparently they only start at 04 models. The only ones I can find are the cruzers, and they aren't really the look I'm going for?!

    Anyone know if: 1. later model pipes will definitely fit an 01 model?

    2. Other decent pipes that will fit that aren't V&H?


  2. Just realised these are the ones you already know about (y)
  3. OK....I am using this crowd to purchase a solo billet rear rack and am happy with thier communication levels so far. They also have some interesting hard chrome pipes and some cool looking black ceramic pipes that will fit your bike. have a look here: http://www.meancycles.com/store/main/category.cfm?id=2313&bikeModelID=5690
    Hope that assists Addict. They seem a bit on the exxy side though??
  4. Those drag pipes in black look awesome in my opinion.
    May be better to let a local bike shop to order and fit them if your concerned about getting them flown in. Will be 1000 ish supply and fitted though.
  5. Did you end up getting these mate?
  6. Nah, I did the three hole mod, and I'm going to hang out to get my opens and buy a harley. No point wasting money on something I don't plan on keeping now.
  7. I`ll probably end up with one too some day. Right now though, I`m having a hoot on the 650. I never get sick of it :) When I do finally upgrade, I`ll keep the XVS650 and will be turned into a Bobber from Destinos gear.
  8. If the US crashes....I'll probably do the same thing...lol. That was initially my plan, but the $US skyrocketed before I could order the parts.
    Fingers crossed I'll have both. ;)