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Early adventures

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by AndR3w, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Second day of owning my first bike. Yamaha R3. First day just did a few laps of the block, this evening I went a bit further. Ride from my home in Cheltenham down to mordialloc then up to Elwood and home again.

    Still struggling with throttle control a bit. My right wrist aches from gripping too tightly. My downshifts are jerky too. Mostly I found it hard to cruise at constant speed. Engine breaking scrubs off speed pretty quickly even in 6th. Must of driven the cars behind me nuts.

    Anyway. Got home unscathed.

    Practice practice practice
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  2. Well done, it'll take time, but it will become easier. Riding often is the key
  3. Well done and +1 for keep the K's accumulating and learn from each ride (you'll never stop learning !)
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  4. great job :) as the others have said just keep practicing. soon you will find yourself relaxing and in turn matching and anticipating those around you
  5. You hit the nail on the head. Developing any new skill is all about practice.

    You know you are probably gripping too tightly so keep deliberately trying to loosen up. Down shifts can be made smoother by letting the clutch out more slowly but also trying to match the revs t that the bike will be doing once you have down shifted, so give the throttle a little blip as you shift down.

    And come to the Saturday Practice sessions regularly.
  6. well done Andrew! (y)
    ditto to everything said above....especially Saturday Practice Sessions :)
  7. Well done, man! Believe me when I say it gets easier :)

    Coming from another R3 owner: 6th gear isn't at all necessary unless you're cruising at 110-120km/h. You can keep the bike happily cruising at around 7k rev, which equated to about 3rd gear for general road cruising ~60km/h and 4th gear for your ~80km/h roads. 5th gear sits nicely on the motorways in the aforementioned rev range, with the power there ready to overtake.

    Just practice, practice & more practice! This bike will keep you smiling for a while to come!
  8. Thanks. Solid advice. Brand new bike so I'm a little wary of over revving this stage. But next ride ill give that a go
  9. Ahhhhh, the break-in phase completely skipped my mind during that post. My bad. haha

    Are you on your l's? highway should still be OK in 5th at 90km/h, but it is important to not let it sit on the same rev range for an extended period of time. Shifting through the gears by slowing down slightly, knocking it down a gear, then speeding back up and knocking it up a gear is what was recommended.

    Also, don't think the world is going to end if you go above the 7k rev line. The world will not end. I repeat: The world will not end! Haha Be sure to hit the power band a couple times a week. It's only not recommended that you go out thrashing your new bike to that level (unless you're breaking it in for the track)

    It's actually somewhat important how you break it in. Look up hard and soft break ins, and lean towards the one that will best suit your riding style one day! :)
  10. Relax is the key word here. Spend a few minutes before you get on the bike getting your mental state calm, breathing deep and even, and off you go. I promise you'll be gripping the bars less tightly.

    Also if you're getting tight on the ride, flap your elbows out like chook. Nice and loose.

    If you can get the relaxing (but not sleeping and being unaware) part right and you have the basic riding skills, you'll be ok...
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