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Earfuze earphones/earplugs - anyone tried them?

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by backmarker, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    There's been lots of discussion about earphones. I use earmold plugs, but the cost of their plugs with phones attached is, well, significant.

    Then I saw earfuze - a simple way of creating custom plugs over phones that sit flush with your ear, providing music plus hearing protection, in theory. And they're cheap, at $44US plus postage. Here's their site: www.earfuze.com

    After searching I've found several people who said some time ago that they were going to order them, but no feedback. There's another person who ordered and hadn't received after a little while, but again, no follow up.

    So, for the benefit of all of us who may look at these in the future, can anyone who has ordered these let me know what they think of them?

  2. Way cheap I'd be interested as well.
  3. I haven't used them, but they're cheap enough!

    I plan to get some one day, if the headphones themselves aren't very good, I'll just replace them with some senhheiser cx300's & use the moulding they supply...
  4. I've got some and they are ok. Not as good as I was expecting but better than foam ear plugs.
  5. I was highly considering getting a pair, but in reality they are just an earbud with some silicon over the top of it. Ended up getting the Etymotic ER6i earplugs for 70 bucks delivered from amazon.com as they looked a better option in terms of noise isolation for the bike.
  6. If you're replacing them with cx300's the originals would have to be terrible.
  7. Mr Dog, sir, in what ways are they worse than expected and better than foam plugs?

    Also, how was the service from earfuze - I have emailed them and not received a reply.

    And finally, cost of delivery?


  8. How did you find those? I found that style of ear plug to be uncomfortable and not that effective. Any hassle with these?
  9. I think it was $59 delivered in total. Took about 3 weeks. I didn't have any contact with them other than placing the order.

    They are quieter than foam but only slightly.

    For me they will do for the moment but soonish I'm going to have to commute to the city every day and I'll invest in a better pair.
  10. They look pretty shitty, but I don't actually mind the 300's for the price. Not the RRP mind you, the price I pay through work ;)
  11. retail everywhere else in the world is approximately $20AU. JBHifi - $100. Gotta love it.
  12. I found the cone tip a bit uncomfortable for the first try. Then i worked out how to put them in properly (you have to twist them into your ear instead of just inserting them straight), now they are very comfortable, are unreal sound quality and hard to pull out of the ear so very good for wearing with the helmet.