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Ear protection. HearPlugz DF

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Portagrug, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Ok folks.. we all know ear plugs are boring.. annoying and who really cares.. BUT!

    After a run on eastlink one blowie sunday... i had to get off the freeway and take slower roads coz i just couldnt handle the noise.. this was backed up by other riders in different helmets.. it was a really bad day for wind noise..

    I have always given up on ear plugs because the foamies are always falling out and i have smaller than normal ear canals.. so nothing i could buy off the shelf worked well enough to bother with..

    I tried DIY ear molds but got it wrong and although they worked great on the couch .. didnt sit properly in the helmet and were rendered useless..

    so i went back to the internet.. i was going to try another pair of DIY ear molds and let them set in the helmet.. but instead i came across HearPlugz DF (aka Hear Defenders DF).

    These ear plugs made some pretty freaky promises.. the main two were 1: reduction of harmful noise but leaving the important noises un modified. and 2: small med and large sizes with small being small enough for children.

    I was dubious of the first promise.. to attenuate wind noise but leave my in helmet music un modified.. what?? are these made with magic?? are they designed by wizards?? Well i dont know.. but it works.. music with ear plugs is generally all base .. no treble and a little distorted because you have to push your headphones soo hard to get the sound through the ear plugs.. but these?? sure.. i had to run the volume a couple of notches higher.. but it was still nice and clear.. i could hear the full range of sound.. from treble to bass.. and it was even clearer than normal because all the wind noise was reduced to a level that reminds me of a distant thunder.. really distant.. like when you say.. " was that thunder or your tummy?" i could hear the bike .. it was much quieter but it was perfectly suitable..

    the hearplugz have to little filters in each plug.. one of which is removable.. i started out with both filters in.. but it was just too quiet.. (except for my music which once again was perfect) i pulled over and removed the outer filters.. (little ceramic cylinders???) and got back going again.. it was perfect!!!!

    i bought these from earmold australia. they are available elsewhere.. i say they are excellent for the money! :)

    if you like your hearing.. like your music.. and want to continue hearing your music the way its supposed to sound now AND into the future.. use these.. :)
    feel free to ask questions as ill use these more and more and have more info as i go.
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  2. Looks a bit like something the missus keeps next to the bed.
  3. Yeah i know.. but A LOT smaller!!! :)
  4. I have earmolds made a few years ago that are showing wear... these might be the perfect alternative. Where do I get some?!?
  5. RIGHT HERE!! if you cant buy australian made.. at least buy from australians. :)
  6. Sorry what was that, didn't hear you.
  7. Earplugs rule when you consider how much being deaf would shit you off!
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  8. Before you buy them I see it's the same people that do the ear moulds that many riders use. might be worth the question how they compare to the ear moulds over these for riding. I know I used the foam ones in the past and found when there in properly they reduce too much noise ear moulds seem better.
  9. As i said Aussieak.. ive used ear molds.. even though they werent formed properly they still completly ruined the music/comms in my helmet. and Yes.. with BOTH filters in i say these remove too much outside noise.. (couldnt hear the bike) but with only one filter i think these were better than ear molds.. because they didnt remove too much noise and still allowed full communication over helmet comms AND a quick chat with Mrs portagrug while stationary.
  10. We never had ear plugs,we used to have wait till the wax built up before we could ride.
  11. Luxury, bloody luxury.
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  12. I had some ear moulds taken and a set of custom plugs made from them but they're bloody uncomfortable to wear with a helmet. I was quite annoyed about that.
  13. Bloke I know dug a bit of the foam away around the ear hole area, made room for his buds.
  14. Thats the problem i had, they are lovely to wear and work a treat without a helmet but obviously once you put the helmet on it holds your ears in a different position putting pressure on odd places.. i thought if i did it again i would apply the putty and then place something flat over my ear and apply a bit of pressure to hold the back of my ear close to my head..

    it depends on the ear and the helmet i guess..
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  15. I have thought about it but I can just imagine a HWP maggot spotting it and fining me for altering the structural integrity of the helmet. (I had one knobhead copper try to tell me that using double-sided tape to mount a GoPro camera on my helmet was "altering the structural integrity".)
  16. How do you pick the right size in them? Never had to measure my inner ear.
  17. Vernier caliper, of course.
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  18. I was thinking using a finger.
  19. have you ever bought a pair of ear bud headphones with 3 size rubber bits avail?
    have you had problems getting other ear plugs to fit?
    have you ever lost a large blowfly in your ear??

    as i mentioned.. ive had problems getting ear plugs to stay in so i chose small and its great.. medium will fit most adults.. and if you HAVE lost a large blowfly in your ear.. then large is for you