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Ear plugs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BeeTee, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    This has probably been thrashed to death, but seeing as I'm relatively new in the country and not sure what/where/when to buy, I'm hoping you guys and gals can perhaps recommend me.

    I'm looking for some proper ear plugs, something like earmold's stuff would be good, there are a guy or two around Brisbane that does the fitments, but at $200 a pop it seems a bit steep. The ones without the sound channels are something like $50 a set, but I reckon if you go that route you can just as well go the whole way? You can always opt not to use the iPod :D

    Does anyone know anything about www dot diycustomearplugs dot com's products? Anyone used them?


  2. With the earmold ones, you can go get the regular ones done, and then later on if you decide you want to have them wired for sound, you take them to your local rep and it costs whatever the difference is between normal and wired.

    I don't know of any other custom made ones that you can get hooked up with audio, however Vic has some custom ones that sell in our online shop that are DIY - same sort of thing as earmold - and you could always try and wire those up yourself. Someone on here was attempting to do so but I never heard how they went.
  3. I've heard that Earmolds are good and there are some threads on here, and one I believe that talks about a Netrider discount or something like that.

    However, when you say "proper" earplugs the disposable foam ones are "proper" ones, too. Brands such as EAR and Decidamp meet or exceed industry specified standards. They can be bought at any safety house in boxes of 200 pairs. I don't know of any other retailer or outlet who may sell them in smaller quantities. But if you buy a box it will last you yonks.

    For the iPod perhaps you could instead use the dough to spend on a helmet bluetooth solution that will connect to your iPod.

    What's with the munged URL?

    I see other guys doing on here in other threads, too.
  4. FWIW, I had a set of Earmold's done at the World Superbike weekend in PI and they are bloody brilliant. Strangest feeling riding home without all the usual noise!

    I could never get a pair of 'regular' earplugs to fit comfortably under a helmet...always felt like I was being nailed through the ears when a helmet was on.
  5. The rubbery ones work fine for most folx.
  6. For reference, if you have an audiologist fit a pair of "musician's earplugs" (the "proper" earmolds), Shure's in-ear-monitors will fit into the earplugs' filter sockets without any accessories. Etymotic's ER-6 in-ear-monitors (and I think ER-4, but check this yourself) will also mate up to a musicians' earplug, but require an accessory adaptor.

    I use Etymotic ER-6s with the disposable foam eartips for my music + hearing protection, on and off the bike. :)

    Neither brand is cheap, at $200-300 for a pair of in-ear monitors, but the tips that they're supplied with have 33dB insertion loss (on par with the best disposable foam earplugs) and their audio quality is superb.
  7. thanks for that spots, i need some earplugs for live performance but need ones that reduce volume only not just cut out the trebble, and wa wondering if I can use them on the bike too... kick arse.
  8. I use ear bud head phones, they block out a lot of noise and sound quality is excellent.
  9. I have some ER-4s, and I'd love to get them working in my helmet, without fear that I'll knock them and rupture my eardrum. What exactly do I need to ask an audiologist for?
  10. Hehehe no the forum restricts you based on your number of posts. You are only allowed to post URL's if you have a post count higher than 5 :p

    How good are the sound reproduction in the earmold ones?
  11. I just went to the chemist and brought some mold ones from there for $4.00 and they work really well. :grin:
  12. I have both Earmolds, with and without speakers. $60 and $200 respectively.

    We also sell the diy custom plugs in our store but for hte minute our store is rooted thanks to the software author.

    The earmolds with speakers sound pretty good. I've not used ear monitors so can't compare them. It all depends on what you want out of them. If you want perfect sound reproduction then sit in your lounge room listening to your surround sound system. If you want good hearing protection with the added bonus of pipped music into your head get the earmolds.

    From memory the diy stuff on the site sells for $35 + postage.
    The store should be right to go by the end of the week or i will fcuken scream!!!!!
  13. I just checked Shure's website and noticed that they've changed their entire model range. If you do go this route, best to check which models support musicians' earplugs, just to be sh.. sure. :)

    I ride with ER-6i earphones (sadly not compatible with musicians' earmolds) and don't have trouble with them bumping the helmet, provided I use my thumbs to hold the soft neck padding of the helmet away from my ears as I pull it on/take it off.

    I'm pretty sure that musicians' earmolds or more importantly the filter 'buttons' that are installed into them are a standardised item with a standardised socket.

    http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/erme.aspx describes the process more specifically. You would ask an audiologist to take an earmold for Musicians' Earplugs specifically. You would not need the 'filter button' since your ER-4 earphones + adaptors will plug into the socket where the filter lives. You will, of course, have to ask Etymotic for the adaptor tips. :)
  14. The shure e series still exists and they have just been renamed to SCL (Shure Classic Line) and they are the weapon of choice of musicians.

    I particularly wear the SCL3 or how they were called before E3C.

    I have heard that the SCL4 are just amazing but they are almost 600 bux.

  15. Would it be possible to use some sort of ear molded headphone with something like the starcom1 system? I understand it has custom sockets in use??

    I'm interested in having some music / phone / intercomm such as available with starcom but also want to reduce noise ;)
  16. The Altec Lansing iM616 is way cheaper but uses licenced Etymotic design. Not as good as proper earplugs, but close.