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Ear Plugs - Who Uses Them?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by enforcer, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. No - I'm going deaf and loving it

  2. Yes - I use ear plugs

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  1. Afer a couple months riding as well as the couple of windy days that have just gone by I can no longer stand/take the noise/wind that comes from riding.

    To save my hearing I've just started riding with ear plugs every time I get on the bike and after riding a while on them I think I should have started using them when I started riding.

    Anyway good thread for a pole...who uses them and who doesn't.
  2. I use them a lot. Usually when I'm going to be travelling over 60 and at or below 100kmph.
  3. All the time
    No exceptions
    Wish I'd have worn them years ago
    Hearing irreprably damaged in some frequecies. Riding without them for years probably to blame.
  4. I wear em all the time.

    Not only does it cut out the wind noise, it also drowns out all those horrible rattly sounds my bike makes. :LOL:
  5. At this point in time, I've been using disposables and experimenting with various noise reduction levels. (You can get ones that are moulded to your ears: Earmold and audiology shops) There is one higher level which I find knocks out snoring, but cuts a little too much of the engine and Termi noise, so I've opted for slightly less reduction.
    Safety stores offer the more prudent option of boxes of 100 pairs, once you've worked out what your preferences are. They'll probably let you try a few pairs of different ratings to help you decide. :)
  6. Definately use them.

    I imported Silent Ear from the states which I recommend.
  7. I have just started using them and they make a big difference with road and wind noise.
  8. Hey duncank, thanks for that. V cool. Originally, I also imported some from EAR corporation in USA.
    May be I bought mine in a box of 200 rather than 100. Seems to be the general trend there.

  9. I've just got the one reusable pair, I rinse em under hot water once a week ;)
  10. On the Across it didn't really bother me. When I first rode the FireStorm with stock pipes, no great drama, when I put the Staintunes on the Storm, still OK, when I took the baffles out.....I've worn plugs ever since!!
    Great for reducing the wind noise. I just wear the orange disposable ones.
  11. I wear them every time without fail and have done for years. I find they make the whole bike thing a lot more enjoyable
  12. There is no option for someone who rides a fully faired bike with tall touring screen and does not need them, I have no wind noise unless I eat too many beans.
  13. hey Davo, six posts in a year and a half, you must spend all your time riding! (Your 'kilometres in a year' answer would indicate that!)
    I guess you have a BMW RT or something like, by the description of the screen??
    oops, opened your pic link, yes you do :grin:
  14. WHAT ? WHAT'D YOU SAY? :p :p :p :p :p :p
  15. hmmm - I sleep with ear plugs on every night, but I haven't ever tried them on the bike.

    Maybe I should see how they go.

  16. Mate I have been tryingh to find another forum that I feel I belong apart from the Ulysses one and my own GTR-AUS board. So many of these boards are just full of sports bikers and umm noobs (no offense) This board seems to be balanced so I came back.

    returning to regualar programming......

    btw 1379 members have never posted out of 3060 total membership, about normal.
  17. I wear them any time a highway is gonna be involved.

    /Pre-buggered hearing from my drummer days.
  18. I wear them when I remember on longer trips, don't bother with them for short trips.

    They are good, not only do they help reduce hearing problems they actually reduce the amount of fatigue on a long ride I find.
  19. I got mine within a week of getting my bike.
    As soon as I went on the motorway I could feel the wind noise damaging my hearing.

    I went for the moulded type and they are great on airplanes and noisy hotels too!

    If I'm sticking to 60km/h zones I don't bother