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Ear plugs? That stay in your ears...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gibbz, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. I bought a cheapo set of the spoungey ear plugs for a few bucks, however they usually come out when sliding my helmet on. IS there some decent earplugs OR some kind of padding i can put in my helmets ear slots?

  2. Before you go that far... may I suggest that it sounds like you may not be inserting the earplugs correctly? If they're sticking out far enough that the helmet bumps them/dislodges them, they're not deep enough.

    If they're the foam type disposable earplugs, you must roll each one between your fingertips and compress it until it's a very slender cylinder. Then slide the earplug into your ear until your finger's resting against the outer ear (basically trying to get the base of the earplug more or less flush with the outer ear canal).

    Hold your finger there until the foam earplug expands back to its normal size, filling your ear canal.

    Repeat for the other ear.
  3. Just get some creative EP630 earbudphones, they quiet everything else out and give you high quality music at the same time, $30 rrp :D Don't be tempted by the $6 ebay special, they're fakes lol.
  4. the guys in my factory use foam jobs and i have used them riding. ill find out what they are and post it.. prob cost about $1
  5. I use some 60c foam ones. Work really well. If you want them to stay in when slipping your helmet off, you have to roll them up tightly between your fingers. Then force the narrowest bit halfway into your ear canal (adjust as necessary).
  6. yeah theyre just the foam ones. Ive tried rolling them etc, they still have a little bit that sticks out further than my ears so when i put my helmet on they either come lose or come out :|

    Do the noise canceling headphones need music to do their job? :p
  7. Try pushing them in a bit further and leave you mouth wide open while you do this and until the foam has re-expanded.

    The mouth/jaw thing will make a lot of difference to the way that they sit/block out noise.
  8. One word. Earmold.
  9. What brand are they? We have two or three different brands at work. The better ones are the Decidamp or E.A.R. brand which are cylindrical not tapered. They are Class D which means better attenuation.

    Another tip for inserting them. As you roll the plug into a thinner cylinder, with your opposite hand lift up your ear lobe. This opens the ear canal a bit more to make insertion easier. The plug should sit flush with the lobe bit.

    If it's sticking out at all then you might as well not bother, as it won't be able to work as designed.

    No. They emit a low frequency sort of "white noise" that blankets out other noise. But you can't hear it. I've only used headphones. I would assume that the earbuds work as well. Some are also noise "isolation" which I assume act as earplugs as well as having the noise cancelling feature. I wouldn't mind giving them a try, myself. Depends on how much they are, too. I get earplugs for free from work. I'd have to pay say, $50 or more for a decent set of earphones only to find that they're next to useless.
  10. the ones i have are just tapered, like a smoothed off cone shape.
  11. +1
  12. right o the ones we have at work are WELDCLASS. Class 4. Tapered. cheap little bastards but work. and as my earphones have crapped out im thinking of getting some of those EP630 things. the key with foam plugs is to put them in right. roll them for a few seconds more so they warm up a touch and put them in slowly. the open mouth and ear pull may seem odd but next time you see someone who uses them watch if they do it. makes a huge differance.
  13. We had two sorts like that. One lot were yellow, the other bright green. I didn't think that either were any good.
  14. I've been using something called ear putty I picked up from the local chemist. $10 for a 3 sets.

    Looks like a big blob of blue tak but slightly stickier. Reusable and can be boiled for hygiene though that turns them a dodgy grey colour.

    No matter what I did I could never get the foam ones to sit right.
  15. yeah i heard that stuffs pretty good. im half deaf anyway so ear plugs only need to half work
  16. at $10 more than a set of EP630s' delivered thats a pretty sweet deal.