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ear plugs or headphones?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zears, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. so i have looked and not found another thread on this (im sure there must be).

    anyway, i know there is issues with hearing and wind noise etc when rideing and i have sen that many people use earplugs or headphones and MP3 when rideing.

    what im wondering is if it makes much difference if i use plugs or headphones and if you can still hear whats going on around you and also if its legal to use headphones and if they are a distraction with the music etc.

    i know its all personal opinion but thats what im after just your thoghts so i can make a decission on if i should by some decent plugs or decent headphones as both are relativly expensive and i dont wanna buy one and then find its not good enough ( i would prefer music but do the ear buds stop the wind noise enough to stop me going deaf :p)
  2. you can get both.
    There is a company back here in Alberta that makes molded ear plugs with built in headphones but of course you have to be here to get them fitted.
    I found this link:
    There may be someone in your area that makes them.
  3. rc 36 ..Can u blow that image up a little? im having trouble viewing it lol

    How comfortable are the ear phones when u pop a helmet on?
    I really need to get me an Ipod now so i can listen to tunes when i ride...Im a massive fan of having my music loud when driving and im really missing my tunes...The quiet rides with no one to talk to does give one plenty of time to reflect tho....
  4. Yes, I'm sorry about the picture. I copied it from another site and I don't have the facility to easily make it smaller.

    The whole set up feels just like it feels when you're wearing earplugs. I don't listen to music all the time either as I find that the long solo rides do give you time to ponder, but some music from time to time is good.

    I should also add that I use one of these, too.


    The Boosteroo inline amplifier is just brilliant. Most .mp3 players struggle to get above the wind noise at highway speeds, but the Boosteroo does the trick. I bought mine for abou 30 bucks on fleabay if I recall.
  5. Usually I use those yellow foam earplugs but I also have a pair of Shure E3 in-ear earphones. They act just like earplugs, although they are slightly less comfortable. For longer rides I pop them in and use one of the older ipod shuffles - the one on a string so it hangs around my neck and inside the jacket - and have some music at low volume.

    I don't know about the legality of earphones playing music while riding. I can hear as much surrounding noise as if I have the earplugs in, and it really does help me stay fresher. Just keep the volume sensible. As others on NR agree, wind noise is fatiguing after a while.

    Forget about using normal iPod style earphones though, they won't block the wind noise one bit.

    edit - one advantage of the E3s is that you don't need to have the volume high. If you have to turn up the volume to hear the music over the wind noise, you're probably going to make yourself deaf eventually.
  6. thats a good idea on the heaphones with plugs... do you just cut the end off and then use tewwsers to pull the middle bit out? or is there a better way to get the middle bit the right size for your headphones?
  7. Shure E3, are they just the bits that go on your earbud headphones in the place of the silicone ones? and they act like normal plugs as well as holding the headphones in?
  8. Hey Rc36 what is this unit called? so i can do a bit of research
    how does it work? Is that other bit a booster?
  9. mi fairly sure the first bit is call an Ipod... they are made by a massive company that sucks the life out of everything it touches...er i mean...umm... VIVA LA IRIVER!!!! down with the apple opressor.

    i should possibly clarify that im fairly anti apple :p
  10. oh and the other bit is the booster yes sorry forgot to add that :p
  11. I've just got home from a 3200km 6 day ride, and I wore earphones for the whole trip.

    Firstly, the wind noise will make you go deaf over time if it's too loud. Turning the music up to mask the wind noise will make you go deaf quicker. My father has about 10% hearing left from industrial noise - I can personally recommend that you avoid this, for the sake of those around you.

    You need noise isolating earphones. The Shure ones are supposed to be good, I use Sennheiser CX500's. With the earphones in and music off they cut out most of the noise, but not all of it. With the music on, I actually have it turned down quite low so it's background music, since I don't need to overcome the wind noise with volume.

    It makes riding much more enjoyable for long highway trips. I have my phone (which I play music on) in my tank bag, with a plug hanging out the back of the bag that I plug the earphones into. If I want to cut the music when I come into a town/traffic/whatever I just pull the plug out.

    However, after about 3 hours the ear-buds are a little painful to wear, and quite painful whenever I remove my helmet. So I plan to get a set of Earmolds before my next big ride. There are heaps of threads on here about them, their website here. They are reportedly the ultimate solution for hearing protection and music while riding.
  12. They are earphones that have a silicon grommet thingy, you actually sort of plug them in to your ears. See pic below. Word of warning though, the seal is pretty tight and I always feel like I need to remove them slowly and carefully or they would suck my brain out if I just yank them out.

  13. any idea on price of the shrue ones?

    i was actually lokoing at a pair of Sennheiser CX500's last ngiht but thought i might ask you guys that will have more experiance than me with this stuff first.
  14. lol yeah i know thats an ipod smarty pants..I was referring to the thing laying next to it :p

    Guess i need to go and look up " ear molds" too now lol
    no i dont..thanks for the link Cypher
  15. I just used a very sharp small penknife and cut a slot in the back of the earplg then enlarged it till the plastic bit on the earphone fitted. Peice of cake. And, when the plugs get too manky, just throw them away and do the same thing again.
  16. I got mine off ebay, they're a good deal cheaper these days:
    one in the USA

    Another in the USA

    You don't need to worry about throwing out foam inserts with these, the silicon plugs seem to last forever and are easy to clean. However the foam inserts like what rc36 showed will probably be a lot more comfortable for more than say 3 hours use.
  17. I use Earmold music ear plugs, best $240 I've spent for awhile. Custom made and sound quality is prety damn good.
  18. Well, I just went for a ride up to the Pie Shop and I used my earplugs/earphones without the booster amplifier for the first time. It's a very windy day here today and my HJC Symax isn't the queitest of helmets anyway, but the result was amazing. If anything the earplugs seem to cancel out more noise than normal, VERY quiet. They are VERY comfortable as foam earplugs usually are and, at 120km/h on the straights, I could hear every song clearly, even some of the quieter ones.

    A spectacularly elegant and cheap solution.
  19. thanks guys ill loko into this