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Ear plugs/Music [Melbourne]

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Freeform, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Hey peeps,

    I was just wondering what everyone uses for ear protection while still being able to listen to tunes?
    I saw an add in a magazine somewhere about moulded ear plugs with built in mp3 speakers, anyone know where I could go in Melbourne to pick myself up a pair, or is there a cheaper solution :D?
  2. Disappointed, your post contains NO samurai pizza cats...

    Earmould are considered the best, around $350, or $210 if you get them done at the GP (Moto, not doctor).

    There are cheaper ones, someone posted up a link to some DIY ones form the us, I think they were only about $30, but you get what you pay for.
  3. [​IMG]


    Hmm I might have to wait until the moto gp then, I might try and find a pair of normal earplug type mp3 speakers that have a good seal for the time being... Im pretty sure thats what alot of you use anyway :)
  4. Much better! (y)

    You can get them done in the meantime, they have offices around melbourne, but it's cheaper at the GP.
  5. Couldnt seem to locate any of their offices accept for one in dandenong, was looking to pick up something today so I think ill just grab some nice earbuds and get the real deal at motogp...
    now how to make them stick in... kamakazi samurai headband me thinks :-s
  6. stuff earmolds mate.

    Depending on how tight your helmet fits (mine is to tight to fit headphones of any type) have a look at soundmagic pl50's. about $60 on ebay delivered.

    If you want to go top end and get molded earpeices, you can do much better than earmolds for somewhat comparible price. The difference being earmolds only use tubes which go to your ears where the other actually have the monitor built into the mold. Look for ultimate ears, they are considered the absolute best in terms of inner ear monitors.
  7. Yeah ive got an agv ti tech, super tight race fit so anything sticking out to much isnt going to work, Ultimate ears look like just the thing I was after, might go have a look around jbhifi/myer and see if anyone stocks em.

    Cheers lilley :)

  8. I though it was only the Earmolds that had the drivers built in to the earpieces?

    Confused now...
  9. If you are on a budget I'd suggest noise reducing 'in ear' type plugs. You can get them at just about any electrical store. Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, WoW, Good Guys, Joyce Mayne, RetraVision, Dick Smith etc etc.

    You can pay from $20 to over $100. The better ones have an 'in-line' volume control which can be a handy thing.

    Actually the best ones I had as far as noise reduction and sound quality only cost me $5 from The Reject shop. The only problem was they only lasted 6 months.
  10. How do you guys get these in? These headphones don't fit me well anyway, but I have tried to use them under my helmet a few times in the past.
    I put them in, put my helmet on, and they come straight out of my ears.
  11. The specialist ones have molded rubber that fits in your ear & keeps them in.
  12. Etymotic er6i are highly regarded as a sound isolating headset amongst many motorcycling communities, although some people say they are "too quiet". They have sound isolation ranging from 25db to 42db depending on the model of earplug you use with them (they come with 4 different styles). You can pick them up on amazon for around $70.00 us plus postage, although they do come on sale for $50.00 us every now and them. There are a couple of guys on the australia ebay site who sell them - you can get them for around $90.00 aus dollars. The importer for these headphones is apparently not answering his phone and messages, which leads the retail stockists to believe that they have gone broke, so your best bet is to import them yourself or buy off ebay.

    Headphonic is another australian retailer based in Perth that deal exclusively with this sort of product and they have a few recommendations also - look at their forum and do a search on motorcycle. They recommend a re0 as being small enough to fit under a helmet.

    Incidentally, most of the recommendations are canal phones.

    This is another plug for the etymotic from another motorcyle forum (the guy that started the post was an owner of a headset company).

    Hope this helps!!

  13. Sennheiser CXL400 In-Ear Headphones in sale til midday tomorrow (Thurs 2nd September 2010) at CatchOfTheDay for $39.95 (+shipping).
  14. It looks like I'm the only cheap skate around here :oops:

    I use these on jobsites (earmuffs) and on rides as they fit comfortably.
    Sound quality is not what I would call great, but adequate.
    I use them with the ipod and the blackberry (for navmaning).

    5 of them came in under $20 :dance: