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Ear plugs, MP3 or end-can music?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Madguitarist!, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. How many religiously use ear plugs?
    I like my exhaust on the loud side and run a Micron caron fibre unit which is nice and throaty! But I do use some form of ear protection almost all the time, or my MP3 player for some sounds as well.

  2. I religiously use ear-plugs, they have been blessed especially for the purpose!

    {dominic paspalum.......}
  3. I have a very quiet helmet though I do like the sound of my twin.
    When I go for long rides I use ear plugs as the wind noise can get to you after a while.
  4. I wear earplugs whenever i ride decent distances (my daily 8 minute commute doesn't justify them). It's the wind noise that i'm most worried about, as this is oftem much louder than you think. Your hearing deadens after a short while, so you often don't realise just how loud it is.

    I must say though, one ride with a Firestorm group where i was stuck behind a Firestorm with a very very very nice custom exhaust had me glad i was wearing earplugs. Not a hope of hearing either my bike or wind noise with his pipes blowing in my direction!

  5. On longer rides I have always worn ear plugs and then started to use my MP3 instead.

    Now I have compromised the two and bought some Koss MP3 earplugs (off e-bay) and they are absolutely brilliant.
  6. i use an mp3 but the only problem is that you cant hear rattles gurgles murmurs etc from the engine

    so you never know if somethings wrong

    also comes in handy when a cager hangs his head out the window and yells abuse at me for lane filtering

    *point to helmet and say oi wanker I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!
  7. I should say that I only have one MP3 plug in so I can still hear what is going on around me.

    I wouldn't ride any other way now :grin:
  8. Mp3 player or walkman,you can listen to all the tunes you want in a automobubble,so why should us bikers miss out.
  9. i've just got the plain old standard ear pieces on my ipod, but uncomfy after 30 mins or so under helmet - any suggestions on smaller or molded ear thingies - muchly appreciated
  10. well i used to use these: MDREX71SL FONTOPIA HEADPHONES @$99.00

    and loved em, had them in all the way from melb to syd earlier this year with no trouble at all :)

    BUT at the SBK expo i got a set of the custom moulded earphones from *earmould* @ 199
    and try'd them properly today..... no discomfort at all, perfect clarity of the music at a much lwr volume, NO wind noise. Yet I could still hear the bike and the traffic around me :)

    I was a little 'iffy' at the price but now having used em I'd easy recomend them to anyone :cool:
  11. Sounds good *boom boom* But yeah, might look into them. Always on the look out for better stuff.
  12. I use earplugs any time I am going over 80km/h

    It's the wind noisy, and only the wind noise I cant take.

    I will be getting either these http://www.sony.com.au/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=22378
    or the custom mould ones like VTRBob to go with my minidisc.

    I have a pair of Koss "the plug" but they are shit.
  13. im not sure its safe to use though...
    listening to music and riding at the same time...
    but hey if the mojority of riders do it i cant see the bad side..
    best try before suggesting lol
    well gives me the chance to buy an ipod now lol :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Its no different than listening to music in the car , the ONLY
    exception being that, i wouldn't recomend it to newbies etc
    My g/f nadeen keeps asking me if she can have her music on
    (she's only just got her L's ) I flat out say No way hosea
    when riding becomes 2nd nature and your not consentrating so hard on even the most basic operations etc etc then maybe :p

    And she totally agrees with me ( but she does keep trying ) :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
  15. I only have it loud enough so I can hear it without blocking anything else. Not enough so it's the predominant thing or else I'd be doing air guitars/headbanging/clapping/going spazz depending on the choon playing. hehe. It's a good back ground thing for me and the ear plugs help keep the wind noise out of my ears :)
  16. rather like the sound of these, any more details VTRBob or a link (i'll be googling directly)

    4 me its a bit of background 'whitenoise' with the ipod, low enough to still hear the v-twin humming!!

  17. www.earmold.com.au

    Ray is a nice bloke, I'm getting 2 sets made up at the expo, one with wires, one without.
  18. thanks Vic :) just looked up the site and heres the link straight to the page you need

  19. I use either earplugs or the Sony EX71SLs. The earplugs do a much better job at noise reduction, though the Sony's still work fairly well. Couldn't really justify spending any more than I did ($60) given you're listening to music in a noisy environment anyway, and sound quality becomes a moot point.

    Otherwise... Etymotic ER-4s for the win. :p