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ear plugs as advertised in AMCN

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by EVOSTi, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. in the latest AMCN theres a small add for ear plugs on page 116.

    "with special wind noise filters alpine earplugs reduce wind noise while speech and other ambient noise remain audible."
    they are $49 plus $5 postage, no website only email and phone number.
    has anyone tried these out? ive been wanting to get some semi decent ear plugs for riding. ive been tossing up whether to buy a cheap (around $100 mark) mp3 player or spend similar money on ear plugs, but i think ear plugs might be the go for me as i dont want distractions as im still fairly new to riding.
    the plugs in the add seem to stick out a bit so dont know how good they are. anyone have experience?

  2. For $60 you can get a pair of custom molded silicone plugs. These work an absolute charm and no fussing around trying to put them in.
  3. yup, earmold.com.au babeeeeeeeeeeee, they work a treat. The molded ones for my mp3 player plug into the security 2-ways at the F1. \o/ no more sweaty earmuff style headsets.
  4. just checked the site, thanks for the link.

    so i can get filtered plugs for around $25-$40 from the website, or you say you can get them custom made? where have you guys gone to have them custom fitted?
  5. www.earmold.com.au

    mail them for the location of their nearest franchise
  6. For considerably less than 60 dollars you can order a do-it-yourself kit from these guys. They are in England, but deliver ultra-fast in my experience and it isn't that difficult to mix up some paste and shove it in your ear. Results should be comparable to Earmold - custom-fitted earplugs, but without the need to make appointments or go anywhere for the fitting. Well, I never used Earmolds so I can't really compare, but I am happy with my DIY's.
  7. Awesome find.

    Piss easy to do. This would be an awesome group buy to save on postage.
    They convert to approx AUD$31 each kit.
  8. you can get mouldable ones from some swimming pools and sports stores.

    Crusingal got me some realy small ones with soft silicone ends on them from Kmart for $15 for the MP3, much cheaper than the earmould MP3 ones.
  9. Put me down for a set if you go ahead with a group buy, Vic! I need to preserve what little I have left of my hearing; although it IS useful NOT to hear when Mrs Hornet asks me if I'd like to go to her mother's place for dinner :LOL:.
  10. I'd be in for this.
  11. New Merch. item possibly??
  12. Yes but do they set hard and retain their shape or do you need to remold them each time?
  13. Nah, the minute I did I'd get stuck with heaps of them as no one puts their money where their keyboard is ;)
  14. Too true...
  15. hi guys

    just wondering

    1) if wearing ear plugs whilst riding.. wont this make u oblivious to ur surrounding environment / funny bike sounds. (potentially dangerous?)..

    2) at what speed does this wind noise occur? does it depend on the helmet your wearing?

    3) also.. why not just spend $6 on silicon ear plugs u can get from the
    chemist that swimmers use?

    thanks in advance.
  16. No more dangerous than not being able to here over the wind noise.

    Depends on the helmet and the bike

    You can, there just not as good, a lot of people wear Mp3 players instead.
  17. Got a set of those earmolds made today.

    I reckon they're bloody awesome! Should of got em earlier.

    Very comfortable, they block out the upper end loud noises from engine/wind, yet still allow me to hear and know what's goin on around me.

    Highly recommend!
  18. Spot-on woodsy, and remember, as we have noted on the odd few occasions before, once you lose a register of your hearing through wind/road/bike or environmental noise, you don't get it back. If you're a young rider, protect your hearing NOW so you've still got all or most of it when you're older.....
  19. thanks folks.. ill buy a cheapie set tonight. ive only started riding, havent noticed any wind noise yet.. but my hearing aint the best to begin with (must be all those late nights out)