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Ear Buds or Helmet Speakers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by farawayman, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. Hi all,
    I have acquired myself an iPod but the ear buds don’t feel the best inside the lid.
    My question is what do you guys recommend for ear buds or speakers inside the helmet?
    I am interested in the speakers inside the helmet trick but I don’t know where to find them and what they cost.

  2. I have ear plug style earphones. As far as fit goes, they're fine. I've yet to test them on the bike, although I've used them at work (I work in a noisy environment where hearing protection is mandatory). While they're no replacement for earplugs, I can hear the music or talk while out on the plant. I wouldn't recommend them as a replacement for hearing protection, though.

    I was wondering if the plugs that I've seen race drivers use were freely available. They appear to be normal earplugs with skinny speakers inserted into them. That'd be ideal. But I've never seen where they can be bought.

    What I'd do would be to use my normal earplugs (infinite supply from work), drill a hole down the guts of them and insert those earphone thingys. IF I could get a hold of the damn things.
  3. I havent tried them myself but I saw a stall at the motorcycle expo that made custom earplugs with headphone speakers/jacks built in. I think the company was: www.earmold.com.au

    I dont recall the price. I would be interested to see how you go.
  4. If you're finding that the helmet pushing against the earphones is uncomfortable you may need to look at different types of earphones.

    I used to have these sony ones that were thin discs that fitted just on the entrance of my ear canal, if you got hold of some phones like these you wouldn't have the helmet padding pushing them hard into your ears.
  5. Earphones

    I ride everyday with the iPod and use the headphones supplied and haven't had a problem. I like the fact that I can still hear a good proportion of the traffic noise whilst listening to the music. I worry that with the noise cancelling style you'd hear none of that and would be totally reliant on your sight. How does anyone whose used the niose caceling style found it? :?
  6. Hi mate

    I have an iPod and use it with Helmet speakers, it's awesome.
    I have pair of Bass Monsters bought them ages ago but they are still good. I mounted a male minijack connector on the outside of the helmet and into that I plug the iPod remote so I can pause the music or change tracks while on the go.

    Have a look at these maybe they are ok.
  7. Ray Mack just sent me an email. Here 'tis....

  8. Thanks all. I will be checking a few things out. At lest you have pointed me in the right direction
  9. This may sound stupid but....

    Is is legal to ride listening to music? :?
  10. As I understand it listening to music while you ride is not illegal (double negative for a purpose) because there is no specific ruling on it.

    It is sort of regarded as being inadvisable though due to loss of hearing ability. But then, if they were going to rule on it for that purpose deaf people wouldn't be allowed to ride.

    There was a knee-jerk case in the papers warning of 'the dangers of personal stereos' after a girl was killed trying to cross a road while wearing a walkman. The theory was (according to the media) that a large contributing factor was that she couldnt hear the traffic. Stereo or no, the cause was inattention. If you recognise that your hearing is limited while wearing headphones you make an effort to compensate for the fact. More headchecks/mirrorchecks and you should be fine.
  11. Yes they are, along with amputees, people suffering colour blindness and a whole multitude of people with disabilities.

    Hey, even people that can't speak English can get a license
  12. As I said....there is a multitude of disabilities that still allow people to get a license :roll: :)

    Some are just not as noticeable as others, until they open their mouths
  13. good job realy otherwise no aussie would be alowed to drive :p :LOL: