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Eaglerider report in USA

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by hucky, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Report of my Eaglerider trip in USA.

    I have decided to write this in English, because you might want to share this with Eaglerider
    in USA and I might want to share it on Internet forums, depending on your reactions. Some
    words used here might be un-American and more British and I apologise for that.

    I set out to hire a Harley Davidson Trike at Eaglerider in LA for a week, the idea being to
    ride in 2 days to Flagstaff Arizona over the motorway and ride back over Route 66 to Los Angeles.

    Picking up the trike already was a disappointment: despite several confirmations with from ER
    staff that I would get a Harley-Davidson Trike, I received a Honda Goldwing Trike and on my
    protests about this the Eaglerider staff told me there was no HD trike available and I was
    forced to take the Honda.
    At this moment Eaglerider did not reimburse me for the $25 taxi ride from the airport as
    was promised initially and when I later, on returning the trike remarked on this, I was just
    ignored and I never received the money for this taxi ride.

    The Honda trike was in very bad shape:
    - the gearbox shifted very rough and very noisily.
    - the trike had a slight pull to the right. You don't notice it at first but after hours on
    the motorway (more about this later) it becomes very irritating, having to pull with your
    left arm constantly.
    - the trike did not have proper foot-boards but only the small foot-pegs. This is intolerable
    for a long distance tourer and causes cramp in your upper-legs after hours on the motorway.
    - initially the engine did run poor, but after making some revs that improved. I suspect the
    trike was riden as a Harley: making not enough revs.
    - the bodywork was marred by many scratches and the pre-ride check up was a long list of
    - the gas tank is very small, on the motorway I sometimes got less then 100 miles out of
    a tank, which in the USA makes you very nervous as gas stations can be very far apart.
    - at low speeds there is a squeaking sound coming from the bike, as if something is wrong
    with drive belt rubbing against the chassis.
    - a chromed cover on both side of the trike was loose and rattled during the ride, when I
    pointed this out during the pre-ride inspection it was just ignored by the Eaglerider staff.

    I left on Saturday, arrived in Flagstaff as planned on Sunday and started the return journey
    on Monday.
    By noon Monday I arrived in Kingman, visited the Route 66 visitors centre and tried to drive
    away with the disk lock still on. The written instruction from Eaglerider
    stipulate this lock should be used at all times, the trike has no alarm-system as we are
    used to in Europe.
    The lock smashed up the font left disk brake, which had to be renewed as it is far too
    dangerous to ride with only the rear brake. So I limped the trike to the local Harley-
    Davidson / Honda dealer in Kingman, as instructed by Eaglerider.

    It took the HD-dealer about 2 hours to diagnose the situation, suggesting a possible repair
    that afternoon. After some more waiting the message came the brake would need replacement
    and parts needed to be ordered overnight, hopefully arriving Tuesday afternoon, but they
    would call me in my hotel.
    Tuesday morning I called back to Eaglerider to update them on the situation. Again no
    reaction from them and no alternative suggestions were made (like renting a car or similar).
    Tuesday afternoon the HD dealer did NOT call me as promised and I had to call them. The
    parts had not arrived but would arrive Wednesday morning and they would call me next day to
    pick me up from the hotel. So I was faced with an other night in a small town with no
    transportation and nothing to do and nothing to see.
    Wednesday morning again no call from HD dealer, nor from Eaglerider who could have checked
    how things were going, but it seems nobody here is really interested in how you are doing,
    it is all very superficial.
    So, I had to call HD again and ask them to pick me up.
    Expecting the trike repaired by now, the message came the parts did not arrive and could come
    Wednesday afternoon. I desperation I now called Eaglerider where the guy on the phone did
    not even know of the predicament I was in!!
    That afternoon the parts finally arrive and after another 3 hours wait I could finally leave,
    after having paid the hefty bill of $500 for the parts: Eaglerider never bothered to suggest
    to the HD dealer to pay the bill and sort things out later.
    Also I am convinced that had they given me a Harley Davidson, there would not have been any
    delay, as HD parts are much easier available in the USA.
    To add insult to injury, that afternoon a snow storm hit Kingman I was condemned to yet another
    night in this hell hole.

    Thursday morning I was running out of time to catch my plane Friday in LA, so all I could do
    was hit the motorway again on the poor trike to get back and forget all about the Route 66 trip.
    As Harley-Davidson parts are much more readily available then Honda parts, I am convinced the
    brake would have been repaired on the spot if it was a Harley and threrefor the delay is
    Eaglerider's fault, as they gave me a trike I did not want in the first place.

    Friday I returned the trike to Eaglerider. Of course I explained my disappointment and asked
    what they suggested to resolve the situation. Again Eaglerider staff just ignored my question.
    Both the HD dealer in Kingman and the Eaglerider in LA seemed very insensitive and uninterested
    in the experience of their customers.
    What I would have expected from Eaglerider is an offer to refund the 3 days I could not use
    the trike plus the $25 for the taxi when I arrived. While in Kingman they should have offered
    alternative transportation, e.g. a rental car of get me a trike from Las Vegas, which is
    not too far from Kingman.
    Eaglerider could also have offered me a couple days of extra rental, to make at least something
    of my trip. Now I spend $ 4000 for a week and all I saw was motorway on a poor trike and the
    inside of a Harley dealer.
    Eaglerider "rental conditions" mention an example where you say that: "in case a Honda bike was
    booked and it is not available, then a suitable replacement is provided and a Harley-Davidson is
    NOT a replacement in that case". Surely a Honda is not a suitable replacement for a Harley
    either then. So you are violating your own rental conditions in my case.

    Going back to the airport Eaglerider promised me a town-car to take me, but even this they
    managed to mess up and after a long wait they took me in their own van, driven by an
    Eaglerider employee and actually at this point I was so fed up with Eaglerider thatthe last
    thing I wanted to see is one of them.

    This is not even the end of the story. Of course I sent this report to Eaglerider for their
    comments. After three weeks of me reminding them for a response, they finaly produced some
    very silly answers, which led me to believe they had not read my report. When I asked "Did you
    actually read my report?" the guy in charge admitted that he had not read it! He said he would
    read it now and after three more weeks of reminding Eaglerider, they stopped reacting to my
    emails all together, hoping it would just go away.

    Conclusion: when you rent at Eaglerider, do not expect anything from them when things go wrong,
    they are too incompetent for a normal reaction to adversity.
  2. We could, but the forum seems to censor all our colourful Aussie lingo, so I don't see the point. :p
  3. So basically what you're saying is that you want everything done for you? :?

    YOU damaged the bike and yet you want Eaglerider to pay for the damage??

    Again, why? You created the problem.


    However, it does sound like the trike was a bucket of puss.
  4. Sure, it sounds like a crap situation, and there seemed to be things that they could've done better -- for one, giving you a Harley instead of the Goldwing.

    But after that, the fact that you forgetting to take the disc lock off is somehow their fault makes you instantly lose credibility in my mind. From then on, it just reads like you're nothing but a whinging customer with unreasonable demands (not to mention seeming joining this forum just to post this single rant).
  5. Unbelievable. You caused this mess for yourself, yet somehow it is Eagleriders fault for not fixing it up for you?

    Your damn lucky the repair bill was only 500 bucks.

    And in the future, you are banned from using anything with and engine or electric motor, cause you just can't be trusted not to poke yourself in the eye.
  6. I'm suprised you actually requested a Harley! A trike harley! Why not just rent a MightyBoy and really give up on life. What was the point in getting a bike that has no performance and then removing what little cornering ability it had by adding training wheels? Do your forks have corks on the tines?