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Eagle Screens +10 work and product!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. You know some times you hear from a mate "yep these people are great and they get things done in no time at all, product is good quality and the prices are pretty spot on".... I generaly take those kinds of comments even from my closest friends with a grain of salt. I have been burned i mean no offense to the guy that suggested these people.

    I am used to getting stuff of fleabay so I started looking there I found the screen i wanted but its over in the uk. So keeping in mind a 35GBP screen + 12 - 25GBP postage and handling = $100 to $140+ and a four week delay! :roll:

    So I nothing ventured nothing gained etc I took the punt and looked up eagle screens. Found their website (it will be at the bottom of this post) and went model searching... I found the NC24 the late 80's vfr400 but couldnt find the NC30 90+ vfr400.

    I emailed them, asking if they made one and they did. In standard and wind lip for touring... touring you say? GP in october this sounds good.. They emailed me a full colour brochure costs of screens and tints. They make iridium screens for most bikes... I'm keeping that one in mind for a later date...

    So after never phoning them and three emails, I EFT the funds over tho their account and here just 4 days later! yep you heard right 4 days later i have just signed for an Australian Air express bag with my new screen in it.


    damn the packaging is like an ogre it has layers... :LOL: sorry couldn't help myself its like christmas... But needless to say the packaging on this puppy is top notch...


    But wait there is more... free stuff... I love free stuff, free stuff makes the world go round. What could be better to send a motorcyclist than a set of magazines to read


    ooo go tiger :wink:
  2. Here it is.... damn detail on detail... white no scratch foam...



    Its definatley a bit bigger than standard!


    that little lip is so going to help get that wind out of my face!
  3. So info for those who want screens:

    web page: http://www.eaglescreens.com.au/

    email: please fill in the query form first!!!

    phone number is : 08 9452 3060
    fax is: 08 9452 3061
  4. I got a taller,wider tinted screen for my Bandit. $130 including freight and it arrived in two days. Great people to deal with, great product, great pricing. I even have friends in the U.S. who have bought from them. I couldn't rate them more highly!!
  5. I've got one on the road ZX9R.

    A hand blown dub bub. The first one came in and was just slight wonky - which made it distort once fitted. Such was the belief in their product that they suggested that my bike wasn't straight! Anywayz, after a couple of emails and piccies, they took the old one back and replaced it with a promise of discounts off future purchases.

    I need to polish up the bike and send them a fitted picture for their catalogs.

    There have been some not so happy stories, but the vast majority of customers are happy and Eagle screens will make an effort to see that the customer is happy.

    Oh, and +1 on the wrapping... Holy shieet!! Pretty full on.
  6. The OP's experience with Eagle Screens mirrored my experience, top quality, extremely prompt service, plenty of options as to size and tint, ordered online with only a Visa number, packing Aus Post proof etc.
    I'd buy from them again any time, and would also consider them for custom work.
    I've had my screen for about 8 months and it hasn't even developed the slightest swirling on the plastic from cleaning, so I'd say it's a high quality acrylic with a very good coating.

    Regards, Andrew.
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  8. lets see some pics of it on the bike, seems like just what i have been looking for
  9. Yep, they made me a custom jobbie for my z1000, very happy with it
  10. yeah.. next time don't doubt me ya mongrel!!! :wink:

    A great example of a good "mail order" company.

  11. commandment 11: thou shall not deny the truth of JJ.....
  12. nor will thee know when I'm actually telling the truth :twisted:
  13. typical.... :roll: photo's tommorow
  14. MG, I bought a PUIG and a PIT-ECK screen from overseas and I pretty much did my dough.

    They were mass produced thin screens with not much of a bubble in the dub bub dept - the PIT-ECK even broke during installation and I wasn't being a brute.

    The savings have gotta come from somewhere.

    Check my bike next time we meet and I'll almost gaurantee you that the eagle screen has a bigger bubble than your overseas one and is thicker too.

    The quality difference is OBVIOUS.

    Still... for the track bike - a cheapy mass produced barely dub bubbed screen is still the way to go...

    By the way, the packaging from the US crowds left a little to be desired... I was lucky the screens survived the trip.

  15. hi guys....do yourselves a favour and buy your screens from pete at Screens for bikes in reservoir.....Great guy,Excellent quality and he also does custom jobbies....Support the small guys and australian made
  16. Eagle screens are aussies..

    But don't get this lot started on supporting Aussie businesses, they don't seem to be that keen on it sometimes.

  17. yeah i am aware on that...but it was more directed at the guys buying from o/s
  18. Well MG that's the risk isn't it. You've been lucky, I wasn't.

    Irrespective of the price argument, the Eagle screen quality is good.

    Hey YLWGTR, I'll keep your mate in mind for the next track day bike screen... the number came up in a white pages search. Cool.