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Eager newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by typezero, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Been reading the forums for some tips and advice. Also read and experienced some stories about the D#*K$ out there (both riders and drivers).

    I've been hanging out to get a bike as I've been confined behind a steering wheel for years and now have the cashflow thing organised and now in the market to get one.

    I've got my mind set on a VTR250 I've read some positive comments about it in the forums here. Originally I had the NSR150 in mind but got swayed from a 2stroke cause apparently servicing will be a bother and 4strokes are easier to ride...is this true?

    Thing is, I haven't got my L's yet! I'm booked at HART Tulla for a two day course (on the Melbourne F1 weekend bummer!) I'm eager to get the bike now (seen the VTR's goin for about $5500 secondhand) but I think i'll wait to get my L's so I can at least ride before I spend the cash.

    Anyway just wanted to do a shoutout, keep up the good work guys :grin:
  2. Hi Typezero, Yeah the VTR is a great little bike cant go wrong there, welcome to the forums and good luck with your learners, the guys and girls at HART are fantastic. :grin:
  3. Never ridden a VTR myself but from reading all of the noobie "What bike should i get?" posts on here I have gathered they are pretty good.
    I did have a test ride of a Yamaha FZX250 (Zeal). Similar style, very nice bike in my opinion.
  4. Have fun at your test. Mostly pay attention or you wont learn , hart should be great. on your first day you learn alot 2nd day will be abit harder but its great fun , well for me is wasnt. hehe
  5. Good luck with your "L" course and wlecome to the forum typezero :)
  6. welcome along brother :grin: enjoy enjoy and ride safe an stay upright :wink:
  7. Hi All, I have been lurking around these parts for a while, just reading and thinking about the points being made, Thoroughly enjoy it for the most part.

    I currently have a Yamaha FZX250 Zeal, and I have had it going strong for coming up on 18 Months now, it was an awesome bike to learn on and in my opinion looks absolutely super, admittedly now I have my open licence etc, I dream of bigger bikes, but for a learner machine, it goes fast enough to scare ya, delivers power enough to make you hang on tight, and for a little bike consistently turns heads due to it's unique appearance. I would totally recommend one for a learner rider.

    Anyway thats my $0.02 worth...
  8. Sounds like you have the right idea by getting your license first so you can ride before you buy. The VTR should serve you well.
  9. Welcome, yeah the VTR will definately be the better choice as a bike to learn to ride on. The NSRs probably faster but you need to learn how to ride slow before you can ride fast. Best of luck with getting a licence and a bike.
  10. Welcome to both of you. :)
  11. welcome to the forums.. enjoy !! :grin:
  12. Just wondering guys, ive seen that H.A.R.T. etc have intro riders days for people to see if they like riding etc, to promote driving etc in Victoria.

    Does anything like that exist in Sydney at all? I really just want to get a feel for a bike, clutch etc, for Ive only ever driven auto cars.
  13. Welcome TypeZero and E-t-G! This is a great forum; much to learn and much fun to be had. Enjoy!
  14. tomess you will catch on easy , i have never ridden or driven a manuel car . and i learnt in 5mins riding around the course
  15. bikes aren't that hard to master just pay attention at the ls course or find a mate with a trailbike and go bush to learn
  16. thanks :)

    Thanks for the welcome and advice guys. Yeah I think I will go for the VTR.

    The invoice from HART came in the mail today, kinda made me nervous. It contained info on the four main skill test which I know nothing about. Hope it's not hard to learn as you said ksystemz. I've riden a bike before (if you can call it one) my mates and I used to ride it around the creek, it was one of those PEEWEE 50s I think, but that was years ago and apparently I was "race changing". I know how to drive a manual car, is changing gears on bikes thesame? ie You have to find the friction point before letting go of the clutch? Excuse my igorance it's all new to me.

    Anyway, hopefully I can get time to buy some gear this week mainly a helmet and jacket. Anyone know of good shops around Melbourne to buy bike gear?

    I really can't wait to get the bike itself, first thing I'll do is make some custom graphics for it. Then ride off and enjoy the freedom :)

    Thanks again for the welcome and advice.