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EAB's XVS650 Bobber'ish thing

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by EAB, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. So a few people have asked me to post up some pics of my bike and its "build" which is probably closer to a dissasembly than a build.

    Build instructions

    Start with a dead stock 2009 Yamaha XVS 650 Custom


    Step one: change out the handle bars for a dead straight piece of chrome-molly tubing


    I recommend doing this while the bike is parked on the footpath outside a public area.
    I did it while at uni and was reported to the police by a nice young lady as "some guy is stealing parts off motorbikes", honestly i do look pretty dodgy and i would prefer that the public report something like this rather than just ignore it.

    Step two: Install new pipes and a hyper charger. The best place to do this is somewhere with access to a vast range of tools and some beers (if you don't have to ride it home afterwards),


    Very important, www.650ccnd.com has detailed instructions on installing and rejetting your v-star, PRINT THEM, then spill petrol all over it when you open up the carbies.

    Step 3: Crash it while on a trip too Tazzy forcing a respray. i don't have photos of the damage sorry guys. Handle bars flicked back into the tank dindting it and a lot of scratching on the original paintwork.


    Step 4: while everything is removed for painting decide that it looks better without a rear fender and don't put it back on! Instead make a new one with galvanized steel from bunnings and paint it flat black


    Step 5: Remove everything that is fake/unnecessary

    Here's my list

    Plastic covers on both sides of the bike that make it look like the engine is "Huge as Bro"


    Crome covers off the tops of the cylinders


    Left hand mirror (i use the backs of the blinkers as blind spot mirrors now)

    Seat padding (Harden up)


    AIS (Emissions crap) and associated hardware


    Passenger footpegs(not needed when there is nowhere for them to sit)

    Step 6: Tell everyone who asks you "It that a Harley", "Nah mate, its a LAMS Yamaha"

    Step 7: Don't get pulled over. A lot of cops have seen my bike and checked it out but no one has pulled me up for any of this so far, been about 3 months.

    Things people have said about it...

    "Is that a sportster" No its a Yamaha, you can ride it on your L plates (kinda)

    "Wow how old is that bike" 2009, ( i love the look on people face s when i tell them this)

    "That can't be comfortable" No, No its not, but i spent half a day shaping the metal seat to fit my bum so i have done 600km in a day and still walking at the end

    "I'm guessing you don't ride in the rain" Yes i do, i ride this bike to work and back everyday and have clocked up more than 15,000 in a year in all conditions, its fine if you are wearing your wet gear, but if you get caught out you will get drenched from all angles

    And the guys who sold me the bike originally...They love it!

    Anyway that is what i've done to my bike over the last year there is probably about 50hrs all up to complete this and ignoring the pipes (Vance & Hynes short shots) and Hypercharger, i've spent about $500 bucks on it.

    Next plans for it are as follows.

    1. Raise the rear of the bike: Shorten the wheelbase, increase clearance and decrease my steering angle for better handling

    2. clip on handle bars: This will involve reshaping the tank (i'll get a second hand one) and is to improve the comfort as the straight bar is very wide which means you have to move it a long way to turn the bike and after a few hours riding puts a lot of strain on your wrists.

    So i hope you enjoyed reading through that. Sorry about the bad photos but you get the idea.

    Anyway i thought i'd leave you with a photo of my other project, a stage 3 rally spec mini with semi slick tyres, but i've reached my photo limit so bad luck
  2. i can see from the number plate that you're somewhere in VIC, would love to see this bike in person some time
  3. That is one awesome bike mate... absolutely love it!
  4. Stop perving! I seen it first :p

    One great and very cool looking bike EAB! I love it. I Like the comment "seat padding" because I sure as hell couldnt feel any ;)
  5. You wouldn't opt for a 'springer' seat for comfort?
  6. holy great work batman.........................things though that would improve its looks would be change the stock blinkers, shiny bits on the front folks and the shiny bit on your tank.
  7. Firts let me say that's a nice original looking build, love the whole seat assembly.

    Have you had any interest from the blue light brigade as far as rear guard or lack there of?
  8. Awesome looking bike. I got the stock XVS650.

    Post some more pics when you can.
  9. Does your XVS650 have a stock diff I find it get to 80 and it revs it head off, have anyone overcome this issue changed diff, trye size?
  10. Great lookin bike you created there mate!
  11. Yep - love the bike, you got a good look happening with this project.
  12. i like the look of the springer seat but dont like how flat they are (little rear support) they don't suit my inner hoon so much. I would possibly make my own for the next "revision" of this bike rather than buy one off the shelf.

    Not a problem, i'm in melbourne and ride down to warnambool everynow and then, so if your anywhere between dandenong and warnie shouldn't be a problem, just PM me

    Can i just say thanks for all the good comments, it means a lot to me after doing this all myself.

    As for my friends in blue, i pass a motorcycle cop nearly everyday going the opposite way down the freeway and he looks at me every single time, i have had undercover cars sit beside me down the nepean hwy and a few other roads waiting for me to do something stupid, i've passed cop cars with out them pulling me over so i think as far as the police go its ok, until i get a motorcycle cop on the same side of the road as me, then i'm not so sure.

    If it comes to that the whole bike can be put back to stock in a day.

    Yep stock diff, and yes it revs like crazy at freeway speeds.

    I found that changing the pipes and jetting/airfilter gave me another 20kph of "comfortable" cruising speed in terms of how the bike felt, i suppose there is no reason i couldn't put a bigger rear tyre on it now.

    Reasons for

    Drop the RPM for any given speed
    Looks cool
    Raises the rear of the bike which means sharper steering and more ground clearance (good or bad depending on your point of view)

    Reasons against
    Bigger braking force required on the rear
    Less clearance around the tyre
    Less suspension travel till it hits something(not an issue on my bike)
    More resistance force when accelerating

    You've given me ideas shane, i'll try it on my next tyre change

    oh and here is my mini, not really bike related but it's where my modifying bug started


  13. Awesome looking Bike mate! Inspires me to do more to customise my XVS650! Where did you get the tank resprayed? Or did you do it yourself?
  14. Nice bike.
    There's a few 'bobbed' XVS650's getting around now. Quite popular & look good.

    Maybe the popo think it's a Harley too & as we all know, Harley riders can do whatever they like!! :cheeky:
  15. One guy at work said that as well, reckons the police are too scared to pull me over :cheeky:

    Did all the paint myself with rattle cans :-s i wasn't really aiming for a "good" finish more interested in getting the lines straight, the stock rear fender has been painted the same as well, and when its all on the lines match up really well, Headlight, Tank and rear fender