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E10 fuel ??????

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Boulevard Bear, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. Howdy all,

    I was speaking with a few guys about E10 fuel. I ride an M50 '07 & they have a Goldwing & a Harley (both new). One guy said he had done heaps of research & although in the older days unscrupulous operators were adding kero & other chemicals to bolster the volume which stuffed a heap of engines. He was saying these days that E10 is a far better fuel than premium because its not as heavy & gives good performance. I'd like to have more discussion on what is right & weather I can use the E10 'cos its better for my bike long term & for performance.............

    Cheers Bear :cool:

  2. Thanks for those links!!

    What are peoples personal experiences about all this???
  3. I know it doesn't apply to you, Bear, but, as a general rule, E10 is NOT recommended for ANY carburettored bikes.
  4. Every major bike distributor in Australia recommends you do NOT use it.
  5. E10 = S H I T
  6. :WStupid:
  7. Carbies may have rubber/plastic seals, floats etc in them which may or may not dissolve or otherwise be affected. Feel free to experiment with your bike, if you like but I am not going to with mine.

    Even if this wasn't the case, what is the advantage of E10? Alcohol has less calorific value than petrol, so E10 has less energy than normal fuel and therefore must deliver worse economy. Unless the savings outweigh that (and arguably they don't) you are worse off.

    Alcohol is a scarce resource. We should keep it for drinking and not waste it in imitation fuels.
  8. Within a few years it will become a moot point in regards to regular unleaded versus E10 fuel as the NSW government has already legislated to phase out ULP.

    Would appear that beyond this point the choices will be E10 or PULP in NSW.
  9. Good. 92 octane ULP is utter crap and I don't even use it for cleaning parts (diesel ftw). I run the spada on 98 octane and it loves it... might need a spark plug change yet tho to handle the high temperatures. My manual says that you can use petrol containing Ethanol up to 10% but only if it contains/omits contain certain additives. It also says "The higher octane the better". This has been backed up by a couple of motorcycle mechanics, so I go for 98 (BP Ultimate, specifically). Considering I get 3.5-4.5 L/100km, I figure I might as well. I've seen what regular ULP does to engines... no thanks.
  10. E10 is crap, it seperates far too quickly, burns too quickly and allegedly gives weaker engine performance.

    Not to mention how much it loves to eat away at rubber seals / components.
  11. I hate e10, it's just shit.
  12. I can't speak for new injector engines, but I've been running E-10 in the Hornet (carby engine) for years, and performance is top notch. I don't leave it sitting for weeks at a time (bikes are meant for riding) and the rubber hoses, all of them, are 11 years old and perfect.... I had the carbies pulled down and tuned this time last year, and apart from normal adjustments due to age, internally they were spotless.

    I should say ditto for the cars, too
  13. Ok, I had all but made up my mind before your post ! :shock:

    This is exactly what I mean about not getting clear concise experienced info. Hornet at least you have said your usage & the lack of side effects on the seals & hoses etc.
    I wonder if the previous posts to yours were heresay or from actual experience. What you said is pretty much what the guys were saying when this subject first came up. If it works in your carbie, common sense has to say if its lighter than 98ULP then it won't adversely affect the injector system. I do wonder if the tuning would have to be adjusted, chip or not?? :? :? :? :?
  14. E10 is not recommended for carburettor engines. EFI engines can adjust mixture "on the fly" to adapt for changes in octane rating and even things like altitude.

    The fact that some people have used E10 without apparent ill-effects should not be taken as an endorsement of the product any more than someone living to 100 after having been a heavy smoker should be taken as an indication that smoking is not harmful to your health.

  15. You will never good the same answer from everyone.
    E10 vs ULP vc PULP is like asking what the best oil is.

    Everyone has an opions and some will post studies and other studies that will contradict them. You get the point.
  16. ^ I dunno about that, to me E10 vs the rest is alot more clear cut than, say, ULP vs PULP.

    My opinions are based on my experiences with the fuel and conversations with my mechanic. (BTW, I've only tried it in my car, has an Alloytec V6. But this should apply to most four stroke engines anyway.)

    E10 has less energy content, you will get worse economy. You may or may not notice power differences.

    For me it works out cheaper to use ULP or PULP than to use E10 because of the poor economy. (On a side note I find I do get better economy on PULP, but only enough so that it comes out to cost the same per km as ULP.)

    It will pollute more because you will use more petrol to go the same distance.

    The ethanol in E10 is very good at freeing up crap and passing it on to your fuel injectors. Not so awesome...

    As other have said it can chew up rubber seals.

    I don't see any reason to use E10. You're not doing your wallet, your engine, or the environment any favours. You are however putting more money into the pockets of the oil companies.
  17. This was never about ULP. It was on the point of usage of 98octane v's experiences on usage of E10 & the pros & cons.............
  18. I'll cop it fair and admit to not paying due attention to the section I've highlighted.
    I do believe that my shaky point can still stand on the grounds that the NSW government is taking a choice away from us the consumer by forcing us to make a choice between what appears to be, based on overwhelming opinion, the two extremes. I'm sure someone mentioned the oil companies getting a bit more money out of us and I have to ask if there is a manufacturing cost difference between ULP and PULP or is this a case of the oil companies getting a free hit at selling us a higher margin product?
    Beyond such a concern I am at a loss to argue further as I'm currently sans motorcycle and my faithful crummydore was manufactured to run on regular ULP.
    If nothing else I'll continue to follow this thread as a point of reference for when, hopefully soon, I do have a pride & joy of my own.