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E10 fuel in tank - what now?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by toadcat, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Yesterday I ran out of fuel so had to get my girlfriend to run up the road with a jerry to rescue me... Unfortunately it was E10! About 5L or so...

    What's the best thing to do now? Drain the whole tank or go burn it off? It's been in there overnight
  2. I'm certainly no expert, but my first reaction (if it was me) would be to fill it with normal fuel, and keep topping up when you can. Sure someone with more expertise will be here to advise you soon tho..
  3. Hmmm I might take it up to the local bike shop and see if they want a couple litres of free E10 for the parts ute...

    EDIT: just been reading that there's only issues when it's been sitting for a while as the ethanol and the petrol separate.... I think I'll just take it for a spin and run it dry and then refill with my jerry when it does that.. I'll wait about 30 minutes, hopefully if this is the worst thing to do someone can come and say so :p
    more reading: Should I dilute it first before taking it out?
  4. Don't waste good booze on a parts ute, siphon it out yourself!

    I'm with Greydog, I would just dilute it. Please correct me and provide examples if a couple of litres of E10 has wrecked a bike.
  5. Just run it through as normal and fill up with something decent when it's gone.
  6. One tank of E10 won't kill it.

    Top it up with PULP and dilute the ethanol further.

    It would take months of repeated E10 use to make seals break down
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  7. Your bike is fucked now. You should give it away and buy yourself a new one.
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  8. Siphon it out and put new fuel in and then ride around for a bit.
  9. Well, there you go. You got every possible option in 7 posts LOL. Good luck!
  10. ...drop a ciggarette in the tank - will get rid of all your e10 without a doubt
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  11. ^ bloody genius!
    I'll get the matches, maybe we can cook those snags I won at 'the Pub' from the NR raffle?
  12. Don't panic, ride it out, don't do it again. I've done this and no ill-effects.
  13. If all the carrying on about different fuels and so forth was even a tenth as bad as uninformed idiots make out, there would be thousands of vehicles stranded by the side of the road within a couple of hundred metres of every service station. The hysteria surrounding what fuels are good and bad is nothing short of astounding.
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  14. Not to mention the sheer volume of class action lawsuits against the fuel companies that our beloved legal industry could cook up about it.
  15. Went fine - just heard from other members on the forum who had GS500's that ethanol can cause big $$$ in repairs to the carbs/fuel lines/tanks.. I just spent lots getting rego, pads, oil and tyres... Don't want to spend even more haha - protective of my metal baby :)

  16. Wouldn't have been a big drama even though your specific bike can't use E10. The amount (5L) would have been mixed with fuel already in the tank anyway. Your next fill will dilute it even more and after a couple tanks it'll all be gone anyway.
  17. For all the shouting there is about it, there is surprisingly little reports of problems. That is bearing in mind that it would cause exactly the same problems in cars as it does in bikes.
  18. Try and ride around enough that there isn't much fuel left, a litre or so, then fill with regular fuel, and go for a 10 ~ 15 minute ride. Then don't worry about it, it'll be fine.

    You could drain the last bit out if you wanted, that would probably be better, but what would you do with it?

    One litre of E10 diluted in 15 litres or so of ordinary fuel shouldn't be a problem.

    The major issue would be if you put E10 in an empty tank, rode a short distance, parked the bike and left it for weeks or months. Put fresh fuel in it the next day, go for a short ride to get all the E10 out of the carbs and fuel system, it'll be fine.

    It doesn't hurt the metal, mechanical parts of the motor, but it can be very hostile to any rubber or plastic or synthetic parts, even ones that were specifically designed to cope with petrol. Fuel lines, fuel taps, connectors, junctions, fuel filters, vacuum valves, floats, CV Carb diaphragms, accelerator pump diaphragms, any lever or rods or linkages in the carbs made of plastic...
  19. If you have water in your tank the standard fix is to add some metho.

    A little bit is not going to hurt, But try not to leave it in carbs hoses etc too long. So top up and ride.

    In fact "top up and ride" is good general advice which fixes most things. (Maybe not brake isses)
  20. This....

    I've mistakenly put E10 twice due to some fuel stations confusing labeling.

    But hey, this is also worth considering.... :p :p