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E10 and my rubbish morning...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bracken, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Howdy lads,

    I filed the zzr up with E10 by mistake last week, was half asleep, no one to blame but me.
    Anyway, normally get about 330 - 340 before I fill her back up.
    This morning however, half way across the Anzac bridge (well, almost half, just before the peak in the middle) after only 270k's the zzr died.
    I tried to flip her to reserve but she died.
    I tried franticly to start her again, just kept kicking over.
    I recalled a breakdown bay near Nova, way over the other side tho, so I started pushing.
    Got to the top, jumped back on and was pushing with the left and trying to get there before the traffic got too bad. (This was 0620 this morning)

    Got to the bay, stopped and gathered my thoughts for a few mins, made sure it was on res, kicked it over and she started.
    Flew to the shell in Ultimo and filled her up with the good stuff.

    Still made it to work on time.

    I didn’t want to use E10, using it was a mistake, now I will make sure to avoid it at all costs.
  2. Sounds likes you got a bad mix of new and old fuel.

    I know on my bike that I need to keep it on prime for a few seconds before switching to reserve.
  3. Ummm... What makes you say that?
  4. I use 98 Fuel... Haven't had an issue, not in my vehicles or Bike.

    I've used E10 in my V8 Jeep, and it pinged its head off... So I'll never go back to it.
  5. 98 in a GS is just a waste. The bike is designed to run on std 91 RON, unless you tune it for a different fuel you are fouling the plugs and wasting money.

    Now, E10. As a rule, don't use it in bikes. The bikes fuel system has not been designed to run this fuel and you face potential issues with deterioration of rubber reals and hoses.

    Ethanol fuel is hygroscopic, that is it absorbs water. If it comes for a perfectly clean tank and you use it straight away then you shouldn't have issues with water contamination. Hands up who believes that these conditions can be met?

    As you've experienced, you also get a reduced range as you don't get as much 'bang for your buck' with ethanol blended fuel. So, while it may be cheaper to fill up, you'll be filling up more frequently.
  6. Yep, had a major fuel consumption deterioration with the Ural when I filled up with E10 on the Barrier Highway. Cut the range on a tank down by 20-25% (which is a lot more than I'd expect, suggesting other issues such as the water content being very high. Good job I had the reserve can in the sidecar.

    As for 98 in a GS, don't waste your cash. I run standard unleaded piss in my DR650, which is an engine made to pink if ever there was one. Even in 38 degrees, I can't provoke a tinkle.

    By all means run the occasional tank for the superior detergents that 98 allegedly contains, but to use it all the time is entirely unnecessary.
  7. I must be doing something wrong, or injection bikes are far too sensitive (this is progress??) I've been running the Hornet on various ethanol blends, mainly because my two closest garages are, and I've never had any trouble at all.
  8. Hardly a waste!

    Most of my vehicles I've had through out my life haven't exactly been the most sensitive towards being cheap on the budget...

    So when I pull up to a servo after running 300kms on the GS and it costs me all of $14 to fill up, I seriously dont care! :grin:
  9. What fuel does your Jeep normaly run?

    I had my car tuned on Boost 98 (95ron + 5% ethanol) and it made more power from 2500rpm all the way to redline with no ping at all.

    E10 is equiv to approx 95-96 ron compared to standard at 91ron. Whereas boost 98 has rating of approx 104ron. It's the extra oxygen in Ethanol that gives it, it's extra kick. It also burns more completly therefore using more fuel in the process.
  10. Premium or 95...
  11. Suzuki DL650 K7 according to the owners manual can run E10 without issue, though I use BP 95.
  12. E10 works in my 95 RON car although i do loose about 5% hp. tourque drops by about 10% (which is the bastard). the ZZR will run on E10 but will ping.. 95 is the best to keep them happy..using 98 is a waste of coin in a 250 with carbs.. unless you do nothing but 100kms on the freeway
  13. I've run E10 in the ZZR without any issues - may have been slightly less range on the tank than with regular 91RON but not much (we're talking 380km rather than the usual 400km).
  14. guess i couldnt really comment on range with e10 as i only used a few litres to see what it was like.
  15. Of course, if you have to push your bike that 20 kms that you were expecting to get from a tankful, your opinion on how little it is may be revised :wink: .
  16. yeah I like the rule "Thou should never put E10 in bikes"

    it actually says in the Honda riders manual "It is not recommended to run any ethonal blend fules in this bike" (for my mates CBR1000RR)

    in the R1 I use nothing but premium.... I don't even bother looking at fuel prices
  17. funny thing is my er6 loves 95.. is relatively happy on 91 and has a bit more spurt on 98.. its like a bloody car.. not tried e10 in it yet.. one day maybe.. if i have to.
  18. What's it going to be like when 85% ethanol becomes commonly available :roll:
  19. will be interesting although you would think that the chemists would have played with it enough to make it happy for all.. was it lima or someplace where they all use 85 now and they have clean skies after never seeing the sun.. im down for cleaner emissions.
  20. Methylated spirits is also hygroscopic. If you have water contamination in a petrol tank, a bottle of metho added to the mix, a swish around and the water is absorbed. It then passes through the engine harmlessly.

    Now, how is Exx fuel different to this?