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E-tailer software? any suggestions?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by movin, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Assume I is a TOTAL ignoramus here :roll: (yeah yeah, hard to imagine)
    Please explain or does anyone know much about E-tailing software providers? (assume zero prior knowledge here :? )
    Names of packages? how they work? costs of said packages setup wise and on going? backup tech support wise? any brand recommendations? whom not to use? ease of usage? ETC ETC

    Also associated linking to merchant software? eg, so people can pay for items securely online. or are these all part of 1 software package??? PAYPAL obviously comes to mind as numero uno, but how much do merchants charge? per transaction? ongoing subscriber fees? All thoughts appreciated :grin:

  2. I'm assuming you want to start an online store?

    your best bet is to approach a web host/design/development company and get them to set it all up for you.

    unfortunately its not as simple as running some software on your computer while its connected to the internet.

    You can get merchant accounts through most of the aussie banks like ANZ, St George, Westpac, Commbank, etc. which would allow you to do online credit card transactions. You'd then link this account to your website via some shopping cart functionality.

    other than that, there's always ebay.

    as for finding a web developer... google is your friend.
  3. I'm a web developer, but don't have time to do anything for you.

    Last quote for an e-commerce site i gave was for $7,000, and that was an add in to an already built site (by me), with a secure digital distribution system. For an entirely new site, it would depend on your requirements, but it would definitely be above $10k for a custom built site.

    The cost is high, yes. I'm quite careful when it comes to e-commerce sites because you have to have a lot of testing, and a lot of development because if things go to hell, then you know who's door they're gonna come knocking on...