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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Smithy, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. I travel the M2 & LCT everyday now, and the toll notices are starting to pile up, due to the fact I don't carry my etag, and for some reason they won't much up my rego to my e-tag account. I've tried taking my tag in my jacket pocket but that doesn't seem to work.

    Does anyone have any tips, or methods they use to carry an e-tag on a bike.

  2. carry on what you're doing :)

    just give them a ring, or write your etag number on the notice and send it back to them. It costs them around $20 in administration per vehicle to do that, but you won't have to pay if you have a valid etag account. Maybe if enough people do this often enough, they'll make a tag designed for bikes...
  3. Good in theory, but after a couple of months & dozens & dozens of toll notices. i'm starting to get the SH!ts with it.
  4. Ring your e-tag provider and register your bike on your account !

    I have a ROAM e-tag in the car.
    When I use my bike(s) on the motorways it automatically gets charged to the account.
  5. Thanks but i thought of that already, I also have a Roam account, and the M2 & LCT don't automatically link my rego it to my account. I have this battle with them every time I get a toll notice.

    For Roam, only the M7 will automatically link your rego to your account, but not the M2 or LCT. unless you have a seperate accout for the LCT.
  6. e-tag + bike = :?

    crazy nsw peeps... you could always move to Melb and not have to pay etag on a bike :p
  7. Just be careful.
    At the moment the Motorway operators are not linked to the RTA !
    They have heaps of unpaid notices in the system at the moment because Motorists know they are slack with chasing up and there is no mechanism for penalties to be imposed (ie, getting licence suspended like with parking fines).

    But . . . . not in the too distant future it will be all linked. ;)

    So start cleaning them up now.
  8. So Melb has 2 things going for it then.
    1. no toll for bikes
    & 2. Crown casino.
  9. Regarding #2, have you been there? I'd put it on my downsides to Melbourne list.
  10. Yes, and have you been to Star City? .... Crown is far better.
  11. you forgot...footpath parking :cool:
  12. I just carry mine in my top jacket pocket. Just make sure that you have the side that you would stick to the window facing forward (says so on the site, though haven't bothered to test if there is a difference)
  13. move to Melbourne & don't pay tolls... fairly simple really :p :p
  14. And Regarding #1, that will change when Eastlink opens. Etag tolling on motorbikes as well as cars. Wouldn't be surprised if they then impose it on the other tollways. :evil:
  15. I've carried in my top pocket for a week, and it must be to low or something, cos it didn't work either.

    So far I've come up with 2 methods:
    1. invloves gaffa taping the tag to the top of my helmet .. &
    2. making a velcro pocket on the front of my shoulder of my jacket.
  16. I've been to both, they're both dives. Crown loses extra points for being such a prominent blight on the city, Star City is easier to avoid.

    Melbourne has plenty going for it in my book, but the garish monstrosity that is Crown Casino is not one of those things.

  17. Third method:
    Take your plate off :p
  18. Hold on, so theres no charge for bikes to use tollways in Melb?!?

    (newbie here and have not yet been on the tollway, avoided it once because i don't have a etag)
  19. Not yet there isn't. As I posted earlier, that is going to change when Eastlink opens :(
  20. when is eastlink opening up?