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E Tags [qld]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by NZebra, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Late last year acquired an E Tag for husband's bike. Said E Tag duly arrived size-wise about size of a cig. pack. In Feb. I ordered 3 more, one for my bike and one each for our vehicles. Size weeeell, considerably smaller than first one, these are slightly larger than a matchbox.

    Use of E Tags. The advice from the gurus at Qld Motorways ... place them in a right-side pocket, when proceeding thru the E Toll ride on the right side of the lane to enable the E tag to register.

    Apparently the E tag does not have to be open to the elements in a pocket is acceptable.

    Trust this is helpful. If clarification required give your local toll company a buzz.


  2. Or leave it at home and make sure you've got your no. plate registred and it will automatically register on your account.
  3. Doesn't matter whether you have an etag or not with you. It doesn't register. I have had one for nearly a year and not once has the bike been charged a toll. The car has every time. Best thing a bike rider can buy.
  4. I think that is because the camera's on some of the etolls snap the front number plate. Well thats what i've seen on my sisters 100000000000000000 etoll fines because the battery in her etoll is flat and she is amazingly lazy.