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e-tags in sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by henno, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. i herd on the news tnite that there will be e-tag only going through the tunnel,aswell on the m7 it is already. where do u attach ure e-tags on a bike?? how do u go about it?

  2. they haven't figured that out yet i don't think. so afik bikes is free on tha citylinkamajig
  3. Until they get the law changed to make bikes wear front number plates it will be free on citylink.

    Thats the only reason they don't charge us now, they haven't got the technology yet to accurately photograph the back plates.

    They have a trial running on the south eastern but it aint workin good enuf for them to install it across the board.
  4. o rly? sweet...
    Previously i worked 4 a motorway company (remain nameless), and they processed bikes the regular way a car went thru the elane without a tag. (though i did see a few riders holding up their etags, which i found both humorous and dangerous). The bike will go thru and their plate will be recorded. Then they'll send out a letter 2 the owner of the bike and the owner or rider will fill in the letter with their current e-tag details. This creates alot of paperwork and hassle 4 both parties... bah
    Alternatively u can put the etag in ur pocket and hope 4 the best, or attach it to ur helmet... :)

    i comfirmed this with a friend who still works for them. This should apply for all motorways.
  5. Are we talking about Vic or NSW? best 2 clarify, i think it might be different...
    I think henno is referring to the new NSW harbour tunnel...? which is now cash free.
  6. You sure about that chief?

    The rearward facing cameras have been operational for ages. They are working on OCR software that can do the job without requiring a human to sit there.
  7. In NSW, you have to register to get a tag. RTA is apparently the best one (no minimum spend)

    Never take my eTag on the bike, just ride through :cool:

    They take your pic, if they take the time to enlarge the number plate, you will get debited from your account.
  8. The Sydney Harbour Tunnel is not cashless.

    Cashless tolling (like Citlylink in Vic and M7,Lane Cove Tunnel in NSW) will be introduced on the Sydney Harbour Tunnel as of july 8th I think..

    I would say the Harbour Bridge will soon follow, and then the M4,5, M2 etc.

    This will be a big step forward for Sydney folk crossing through the tunnel tolling point without having to stop, way overdue I say.

    the camera's will get bikes, they are rear facing cameras, and they will be on overhead gantry's once the booths are removed similar to other cashless systems. I have already had numerous toll notices for my bikes from all Sydney motorway operators.
  9. You can put a spare bracket (you get one with the etag) down the bottom of your windscreen or hidden somewhere near your forks and most times it will pick it up, you can also put it inside a balloon and just attach it to the bracket when it's raining by cutting some of the opening off it and lining it up with the bracket clips.

    You can also put it in your tank bag and it will work, or i get it to work half the time inside the right pocket of my RJAYs bag/ventura rack.
  10. Will the original poster state which STATE they are talking about in the topic avoid confusion please.
  11. He is from the superior state of NSW (c'mon mexicans, fire up!!!)

    The harbour tunnel is going cashless in July and the harbour bridge will have a much smaller capacity for cash and probably (hopefully) going towards cashless as well

    I mount my e tag in a leather and plastic phone case to the front bars area and connect it with a strap and snap clip.

    That way I don't have to leave it on one bike or leave it for someone to steal!

    I have heard that if you just have it in your pocket it will go off and I know some people are very inventive with their mounts. One guy got a small tupperware container and cable tied the lid upside down to his bars and stuck the tag inside the container and snaps it on/off when needed.
  12. This is probably the MCC's biggest issue that they are fighting with the state government. Tolls - amounts and tolling methods. Check this out: http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/a/31.html
    Things to consider:

    The tags are not waterproof and are very susceptible to water damage. If your tag stops working because it got wet, YOU pay for the full cost of replacement - RTA tags are $80.

    The e-tags are not shatterproof. That means if you have it in your pocket or elsewhere on your body, and you come off, you may suffer additional injuries from the e-tag. This is one of the reasons why the RTA provided e-tag armband was rejected by every motorcycling body. That and it can swivel and impede you arm movement while steering.

    If you have no e-tag and go through any toll, if a notice comes in the mail you cop the admin fee as well. But if you have an e-tag, then in many cases you won't cop the admin fee, just the toll as long as you provide a valid e-tag number by the due date on the notice. However, because different companies run different tollways, this can differ between toll roads.

    As toecutter said, some tags have bullshit rules such as minimum spends(who the fcuk do these assholes think they are! :tantrum: ). So check the fine print. I have an RTA e-tag which has no minimum spend.

    Even though you are supposed to, you will not get a notice for every trip you do through a toll plaza without your tag. They just can't process them all. I haven't had a notice in 4 months despite about 20 trips through the plazas. A couple of riders who commute everyday on the M4 or M2 did a trial where they counted trips made against notices received, in the order of 300-400 trips each to get a good dataset. Turned out that they only received about 25% of the notices. Which interestingly aligns with what the MCC believes bikes should be tolled - 25% of the car toll.

    And if you can't see the writing on the wall, all tollways will become cashless eventually. The toll companies want it to save money and the government won't refuse on the grounds it speeds up traffic - bugger the loss of convenience.
  13. Pretty sure, We did the auditing on the installation and the commissioning of all the cameras.
    And yes I am only talking about down here in SUNNY VIC not up there.
    BTW did I see it was raining at the dawn service up in Sid a nee this morning?
  14. I received my RTA E-Tag on monday because as of tommorrow i need it to get to work in north sydney through the lane cove tunnel and today i tried to figure out where the hell to put it on my bike? with the added inconvenience of having to remove it everywhere i go and WTF do i do when it rains :roll: the notice option sounds the best to me my tags staying in the car until the RTA finds a reasonable safe solution for non cagers
  15. I had to get a new etag as the old one died, while I was there, a guy on a blue Honda blackbird was replacing his etag.

    when I left I noticed he had it attached to the inside of his fairing, it looked neat. I did hear the m5 staff say to him if it is full of water he would have to pay for the new tag, but anyhow he said it works fine in all weather with silicone.

    I should have asked him if it stays on going over a pot hole.
  17. i dont know about you guys but the etag company im with allows you to register your lic. plate so you dont get the notice if your tag dont go off. now i havent tried tis with my bike yet, but in my car you dont even really need a tag at all, it just automatically does it for no effort on your part
  18. The issue is that there already is a graded pay system but we have been screwed because of a lack of planning. Trucks pay differently and they engineered the toll plaza sensors to be able to discriminate between small and large vehicles based on dimensions so they could do this. Yet they still didn't do this for bikes because there was no planning for bikes. We were outright ignored.

    Putting history aside, I think it is a fair call to argue against the amount of toll for a number of reasons:
    - encourages use of more eco-friendly vehicles that reduce congestion(some people from the North west could save about $80 a week if the toll was 1/4 that for a car)
    - equivalent cities such as Melbourne don't charge a toll on bikes at all
    - the projected traffic flows(read revenue flows) incorporated into the toll operator contracts never factored in tolling motorbikes as motorbikes didn't feature anywhere in the planning at all! So anything they get from us is a bonus that they shouldn't have been getting in the first place.
    - prior to the PPP arrangements that exist with the toll companies(pre-harbour tunnel), the toll for bikes on the harbour bridge was 1/4 that of cars.

    Roll all this up into a package and it seems entirely fair and reasonable to me. The only reason why they won't accept it is not because it is unfair or unworkable but because they don't have to. We can't hurt them so it isn't worth the effort of trying to make the change. Imagine the implications:
    - legal costs of processing any change in contracts
    - possible threat of legal action from the toll companies should revenue decrease
    - political fallout from the majority of road users(ie. non-riders) that want to know why they aren't getting a cut in their toll as well.

    Oh, and the MCC has the horsepower to lobby on many fronts at once. Tolls(both tags and amount) are just some of the issues that are being pushed all the time.
  19. Oh, and the MCC has the horsepower to lobby on many fronts at once. Tolls(both tags and amount) are just some of the issues that are being pushed all the time.[/quote]

    Think about it, they could reduce the toll to 10% of cars but the fact is that once it is all cashless there is still no safe & acceptable way of dealing with the etag problem. So you are effectively off those roads unless you want juggle an etag in one hand whilst trying to avoid other cars in the rain whilst your etag gets water logged & needless to say you can't hear the beeps on your etag anyway. fact is I would be happy to pay the toll,, just make the toll roads useable for all.

    The MCC has the horsepower of a Vespa & as for multi tasking they can't even update there website most of the time

    I put a vote for the MRA to open an NSW branch

    Ahhhh I fell better now :soapbox:
  20. This will change when Eastlink opens. Motorcycles are set to be tolled - at about half the cost of a car on a weekday. I wouldn't be surprised if the other tollways institute motorbike tolling after this precedent is set.