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E-tags for Sydney harbour crossings

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robbie55, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. Good to see the RTA actually put some logic towards this, and yes all toll roads would be the next obvious step
  2. Ok, so this is good news for those roads, it makes me curious about the others.
    I thought that we werent expected to carry tags, and that the toll (and only the toll) would be deducted from our tag account if we registered the bike plate with the RTA.
    I have an RTA tag and having recently ridden through the M5 tag lane on a trip to Sydney, would be a very unhappy bunny to discover that there are surcharges applied if you dont carry the tag.

    Could a regular Sydney rider post up which roads hit us with extra fees and charges?

    Many thanks.
  3. NSW the greediest state in OZ, sad, they charge an arm and a leg and our roads are still shit
  4. And yet the people of Sydney constantly vote in the same government every time........

    Greedy with no money!
  5. I wonder the same thing. I think it's Stockholm syndrome?
  6. I never carry a tag on the bike. I've used M4, M5 and M7. If they pick up the bike they send out a toll notice which at first glance appears to have an administration fee, however when you check the payment options there's a bit to fill out your tag account details and send back and you only get charged the toll. The bike doesn't need to be registered with the account for this, you just need to have an account. I know this because I have paid a toll notice for my brother's bike when I was using it.
  7. As someone who only uses the bridge/tunnel and doesn't currently have an e-toll account, anyone know if it's possible to open one without getting a tag?
  8. I have an RTA etag which is linked to both my car and motorcycle. Tag lives in the car, motorcycle roams tag-free.

    I've never had any trouble with the ED, cross-city tunnel, M2 or M7 on the bike. They take a photo and it deducts toll monies. No fine notices or anything.


    I'm a bit confused by the article, as it suggests that my experience should be anything but this.
  9. They have boom gates at some exits on the M5. how would you get pass it without carrying a tag?
  10. 9 month old topic mate. no point resurrecting it

    Oh, and btw, your on a bike. You use the same method to get past it that you do for getting past everything else
  11. You've gotta low side the bike like in james bond where he slides under the helicopter blades.
  12. yeah they aren't too hard to get around