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e-tags, do they work on bikes?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cookie, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. hi guys

    how is everyone?

    i work in the city and i have been carrying an e-tag in my jacket pocket thinking that it would be going off as normal, however i noticed the other day that i am getting the flash from the camera as i ride through indicating that it's not working.

    does anyone use an e-tag and knows that it works? do you attach it to the windscreen or under the pillion seat or something? it would be a real pita to take off a glove everytime to get $3 out to pay cash.


  2. Whereabouts are you from?

    In Sydney I rang up the RTA to ask exactly the same question. I was told if you dont have a leather jacket you can put the tag in your pocket, otherwise if you have a faired bike, put in in some plastic and stick inside the fairing.

    My tag is linked to my car account, so I dont even bother carrying it. They either automatically deduct it from your account or send you a payment notice, which you fill in your tag number and send it back. Doesn't cost extra.
  3. i just got the bike

    so it's not linked to any account. guess i'd better give the rta a call. i was thinking if you put it on the windscreen and just take it off and put it in the boot when your not riding it should work the same way as in a car.


  4. Re: i just got the bike

    No need to call, no need to carry. If your bike's rego is registered with the etag, then chuckem all in a corner and forget they exist.. Every time you go through the Elane, you 'll be flashed and the toll will be autodeducted from your account in a month or you'll get a letter and then you'll have to go online and type in your rego. Both cases, you pay nothing extra... So keep that $40 whatever RTA brick in a corner or use it as a paper weight
  5. I carry my e tag in a leather phone case (with a plastic window) and clip this to my left glove................sometimes I get flashed and I just wait for the notice to come through and then just fax back my account details. I usually don't even get a notice!

    When on a longer tour, I just put the tag in the top of the tank bag under the clear window.

    I have not linked the bikes to the accounts (as I should have) but they don't care as long as they get their money.

  6. mmm interesting,

    Good to know,

    I think I will do that linking thing and get the people to debit me automatically, much safer for riding - No need to stop and carry something that is brick like and easier for me to stay safe, Thats an all round win really for us and the toll road owner, I would hate to see some sort of avoidable accident occur just because someone is trying to hold up an etag or something,

    Maybe they could mke it smaller, like the size of a bluetooth dongle and you cold attach it to your fairing or screen via a string rubber backed clip :-k
  7. I asked the e-tag people where best to put the tag on a bike and they sent me an armband which has a zippered pocket for the tag.

    Works fine.
  8. I spoke with the NSW RTA also - they told me the same thing, that, having advised them of my bike's rego and adding that to my existing car account I need not carry the tag.

    As much as carrying the tag in a pocket or pouch may work, I'd rather keep the stuff in my pockets to a minimum - I bet an eTag can become eShards in the event of a slide (and there goes your $40 deposit, plus a bit of red-stuff if you carry inside your jacket or a nice oblong bruise).
  9. The only drama with not carrying it is if you end up in a lane with a boom gate it will not trip to open it,so you sit there like a stunded mullet waiting till they open it.
  10. Welcome Zim!!! Check this out
    You don't go through the cash or auto. You take the E-lanes :wink: