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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by piedpiper, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Do bikes need a citylink account? Or is it free?

  2. No. Yes. (For now anyway).
  3. Shittystink is free but the new eastlink won't be apparently.
    When they get eastlink sorted I'd say expect to start paying for shittystink.
    It has to do with the rearward facing cameras at the tollway gantries.
  4. Those greedy bastards.
    What's the fine for having an obscured numberplate these days?
  5. It is probably worth 50 - 100 times the amount of using Citylink on a one way trip...just a wild guess there.

    So it is free aye? looks like I'll be on there more often =D...

    phong =P~
  6. It actually has to do with there's no way for riders to carry an eTag easily & safely.

    EastLink will be using rego plate recognition cameras to debit your account and no doubt City Link will follow soon after.

    I can see Police blitzing the Tollways once it comes in looking for rego sticker holders obscuring rego plates and so on and zero tolerance as well.
  7. ?? as far as i'm aware, citylink already has rego recognition. if you don't have your e-tag in your car, it will still pick up your rego and debit your account. How else do they send you a fine if you have no e-tag and no account ?? :?
  8. As far as I'm aware CityLink still has humans processing the non tag trip photo's generated by the system.
  9. oh. :grin: I'm probably not all that "aware" anyway :oops: :LOL:
  10. because rear plates are to easy to block with Trailers or loads in utes the cameras work on front number plates when the idea of city link first came up a friend of mine took part in the tests useing a stick on number plate on the front mud guard... thats also why the new rego labels have the plate number in such large letters most are fitted to the windscreen on cars and can be read by the cameras if they dont get a good read on the plate
  11. Next Wednesday I'll be participating in a marketing interview regarding citylink and eastlink as a motorcyclist.
    I'll let you all know what was asked and try and surmise what they are up to.
    Obviously i'll be very negative about tolls for bikes.