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E-Tag - Syd - How to use ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kazjim, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Hey all, I've just grabbed an E-Tag, and ALMOST expected that the rta, although not catering for bikes, may have had some mounting or installation instructions....


    Anyway, I've got a cruiser (VZ800) - no Screen.

    Whats setup is potentially the most successful ?
    Blu-Tak-ed to tank ? (Yuk...)
    under seat in tool box ?
    On Front face of one of the panniers ?
    Stuck to the triple tree ?

    I'm sick of having $3 Blue-takked to my tank.. Please help !!

  2. I have my e-tag set-up in a drawer at home. Seriously.

    I have no screen on my bike and no e-tag provisions are made for me. Hence the protest last weekend....

    So, I use the e-tag lanes, breathe in so I am lighter and cross my fingers that I don't set off the cameras. In the event of me setting off a camera, they'll send me a letter - I will respond with my e-tag number and they will deduct the toll from my account. I think I set them off on the Harbour Bridge yesterday, so will be expecting a letter soon.
  3. Hmm Sounds Like a Plan.....

  4. I use the toll-ways infrequently so that it's not a huge pain to respond to letters, however if you're using it regularly, I recommend against my option.
  5. ive got an "ezy card", which is a little credit card sized thing that u just hold near the dedicated reader at the toll boths. Im not sure if they have the readers on every tollway though, i use the M5. I keep mine inside the lining of my jacket sleve, so i just stop, hold my arm up to the reader thing and away i go
  6. i ride south across the bridge every night on the way home from work - i keep the tag on top of my microwave at home :LOL:

    i get 'flashed' more often than not however am yet to receive a single letter 8)
  7. How Long has it been since the first "Flash" ?

    I'm still a bit concerned about this.... :)

  8. I use a phone cover for an older mobile phone, and clip it to my right arm. Works a treat and keeps moisture off it as well. Not much use in a downpour though.
  9. almost 6 weeks.

    even if you do receive a letter, you only get charged the regular toll - there are no administration costs (however it will be different on the CCT).
  10. Actually for bridge you don't even get the letter.

    If you're caught on an RTA owned toll road and have an e-tag, it'll come up on it as an adjustment on your statement. All automagically.

    So if you're using bridge/tunnel/eastern distributor daily, don't bother carrying it. And as I've said many times before, 95% of the time, the bike don't set off the sensors, so you get a free ride :)

    None of the current toll providers charge a processing fee. If you get caught without it, you fill & fax back a form.
  11. BTW, it takes less time filling & faxing the letters back than it would to dick around with an etag/pay the toll normally.

    You write 2 numbers on it, etag account number, serial number, tick the etag box and fax back. If you were doing the m4/m5 a lot, I'd get a stamp made up :)
  12. I've been putting mine in the top pocket of my jacket. I'll look at my next statement to see if it's working.

    I rang up the other day to get a car toll paid for and I asked then if the bike had any misses against it. They said no, which means either it's working or the bike doesn't trip the camera
  13. the only problem with that is if you should come off, it has the potential to shatter or break a rib :?
  14. Strike one for Saddlebags....

    Bus Lane - Cahill (?) - *FLASH*

  15. Just take your etag through the coin booth, and chuck it in the bucket. You can explain to them that was the only thing you could imagine you'd do with one given you've got nowhere to stick it on a freaking motorcycle.
  16. i found that the 'best' way of going through is not to be in the middle of the lane ;)
  17. Hmmm so, close to the left or right ?

    Also thinking, would the front part of my tank, behind the triple tree, facing forward be better ?

    DO these things have to be on a certain angle ?
    up a certain way ?

    Can they even think about writing some sort of, Oh i dont know, Instructions ?

  18. oh, you're actually attaching it? i'm not the best for advice then :LOL: ;)
  19. I just dont want to get a letter with 100 flashes on it !

    "She" is worried..... need to placate..

  20. Tell her it's not an option.

    Do you realise that you have to silicon seal the e-tag, cos if it gets water damaged it's your problem and you have to pay for a new one? Do you also realise the high probability of your e-tag getting stolen from your bike?

    Forget the installation. Put it in a drawer. :)