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e-tag Q

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gofish, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. Sometimes I borrow an etag & use it in my car...not a problem. If I want to use it for the bike does it then (A) cost less than for a car, & (8) where do I put it so it can be read/detected? Thanks folks.

  2. citylink is free for bikes
    eastlink is cheaper for bikes - add bike to account, or buy trip passes over phone/net/post office/wait for letter

    Go to the relevant websites...
  3. you cannot add a bike to your city link account. Apparently the computer system was never set up for it.

    Also be aware that it takes anywhere from 3-6 months for toll's to come accross from East Link, to City Link accounts.
  4. Regardless of account riding your bike through citi-link is free.
    As far as i know, the reason is because there are no cameras that record the rear angle of vehicles.

    - Either case scenario there is no requirement to have mounted a tag on your bike.

    Speaking from having 'Breeze account' (Eastlink account)...
    - Have your bikes rego register in the account
    - Any trip on eastlink is 1/2 the price of a stadard car trip.
    --- for example taking ringwood entry to eastern freeway for a car would normally cost about $2.20 i think. you'll pay $1.10

    This is because eastlink gates actually take photo of front and back.

    If you forget to move the tag back into your car and wish to travel eastlink, you just get slap'ed with a 20-25cents 'imaging & processing' fee. This is waviered for motorcycles.
  5. actually there are now rear cameras on city link, but it remains free for motorbikes
  6. Been rid'n without etag on eastlink from day it open'd No fines so far!!!!!

    Although i don't suggest it but it's all up to the individual
  7. Now that is interesting - I was running late for uni a few weeks ago so I took eastlink. Went to pay online but there was no option for kawasaki in the vehicle make menu. Forgot to call within three days so I thought I'd just receive a demand notice in the mail and cop a processing fee.

    I'm still waiting, fingers crossed!

    PS: It seems they don't have any bikes listed. Has anyone actually bought a trip pass on eastlink, or been sent a demand notice? Perhaps the only people paying are those trying to do the right thing and setting up an account!
  8. You guys could be on to something here..... I'll be very interested to see some responses!
  9. i'll base it up. about 4 weeks after it became tolled I used it. I recieved a late toll notice for that trip in early December. I recieved the reminder Last week. I also used it new years eve last year, no late toll notice uet.

    Apparently(From a Citylink CSA) the Eastlink system is just better than useless. and they have been getting bulk charges sometimes up to 6 months in arrears. Making keeping my prepaid citylink account in credit fun.
  10. :-k annoyed that I got a breeze account now if u lucky barshtards have been using it for free! But I haven't checked it since getting it as I haven't been on Eastlink enough to have used the $40 start up credit... must check it now and see if they've charged me at all yet? Hopefully not...
  11. Hey bud, just checked my Breeze account online as I had to update my bike rego from TAS reg to VIC reg and noticed that there was no motorbike makes. You have to select "motorcycle" for; Make, Model, Body Type & Category.

    Just read on the Breeze website and it states, "A Breeze toll invoice is sent to the registered owner of each vehicle that drives on EastLink without a tag, non-tag account or EastLink trip pass...
    the toll invoice includes the tolls charged for the trips made, plus additional fees".

    It doesn't specify what are the "additional fees" or how much they are...
  12. Thanks for the tip, but if anything it makes me a little more indignant.

    How on earth was I meant to know that my '79 Kawasaki z200 was actually a '06 Motorcycle Motorcycle. I also note that the customer service agreement states something about entering all details correctly - my motorcycle was not manufactured by Motorcycle, and the model was not released in 2006 (in fact, given the general description of 'Motorcycle Motorcycle', the default model release date should be some time in the 1800s).

    Would it be too much to have an extra drop down menu that stated vehicle type, and when 'motorcycle' was selected the others had 'n/a' as the only selection? Or even a little note to let you know you had to make such silly choices? In short, I agree with the Citylink CSA!

    At least I won't receive this 'additional fee' for a while, going by the experiences above.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.