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E-TAG / Pass for multiple bikes (NSW)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DEW-016, May 2, 2012.

  1. Will be travelling over the Harbour bridge consistantly in the future.

    Does any of the etag companies do it for multiple bikes?

    RTA website says fine for cars, but only one bike per tag. wtf.

  2. They only say that because the unlimited pass that you can get for bikes is for only one bike, but if you swap it between bikes how can they know.

    they will delete your other bikes for the photo matching but you can just accidently keep adding them and when they call to tell you off just apologise that you didn't realise, then forget and put them back on.
  3. Stupid system - You should be able to link multiple bikes to one tag.

    What I do is link my bike rego to the car tag and then use the RTA My Etoll website to pay the "fine" notice when it arrives three weeks later.


    I only pay the actual toll amount and not the full $9.00 and it comes off my etoll account.

    Why they can't simply match the registered number plate against a list of number plates associated with a specific toll account and charge that I do not know.

    Anyway I only use the HB every now an again so its not worth me getting the RTA quarterly pass. You usage my make it worthwhile.

    Fun Ha!
  4. If you have your bikes added on your account it will photo match. I have an etag and have all my bikes and it does work and I only get notices if I use some of the private roads (not the bridge or tunnel)
  5. True - But only if you have an RTA tag. If you have any one of the other 10 (?) types they won't because they are stupid.
  6. Thats why the op should go the rta one even though their website leads you to believe that you cant have multiple bikes on it.

    Just get the rta one and put multiple bikes on it, do it online if you are getting the unlimited pass as they will try to tell you its not possible- it is possible just against the "rules".
  7. I have an eTag for my scoot, it is an RTA issued unit. I have used a few tolls in the past month and have not recieved any fines so I am assuming they photo match the plate?

    If I wanted the eTag to register how do you do that? I have it in a zip pocket in the sleeve of my jacket but I always get flashed when I go through, I have also tried holding it up at head height and it still flashes me.
  8. Get a GoVia tag. Can add as many vehicles to it as you want and they match plates (even in Sydney) for bikes for no fee.
    This was info found out through them about 6 months ago so you may need to check up on it again.
  9. I actually bought the Rta etag as they are the only company that acknowledge it can be unsafe to have the etag on the rider in case of an accident. They won't charge you to photo match

    I've used the tunnels, m2 /m7 and harbour bridge and never given a fine notice for them.
  10. No they aren't. GoVia are the same.
  11. I use my Eway tag for both car and bike use. Eway even gave me an arm band to use in addition to my windscreen mount.

    I've registered both number plates to the tag online, and have never gotten a notice of non payment, even after updating the number plates a few times.

    Eway tag was originally used for the m5/m4, but now it can be used on all nsw toll roads.
  12. A recent change however, means if u don't use the tag, and u get snapped, you'll get charged a fee.

    Not entirely sure how eway can enforce it, as it can be argued that the tag didn't register, and it was in the pouch, around my arm at the time.. Though i've never had an issue, and i use the tunnel and m5 pretty often..

  13. I have a ROAM TAG and it sits on a shelf at home. I call ROAM give them the licence plate/s and they photo match, no matching fee either. If they miss it they send me a letter and I go on line enter my tag number and all good. ROAM is also national so works everywhere.
  14. Great, ill try the RTA tag out first.

    I guess the interesting part will be registering without a car in the system, only bikes.
  15. I've got an etag and have 2 bikes and 2 cars registered on it. You don't need to carry the tag for the bike (confirmed by RTA) - where would you put it anyway. In the early stages I did receive a letter with the above mentioned admin fee. But all you have to do is just pay the toll amount and record the tag number.

    Have not received any letters since.
  16. Something I wasn't aware of and found out after doing some research last night was that you can add almost any vehicle to your account and just pay a plate match fee (when that applies).
    So, you can add a Hire Car (one that doesn't have a Tag, some do) or a friends car or whatever. Then just remove it when you are done.
  17. Do they do the plate match in real time? Wouldnt they just do the plate match later when the photos are downloaded. If so don't you risk getting other peoples tolls on your pass if you leave it on for some time.
  18. You specify a start period of time (which I think can be backdated a bit) and, although I haven't tried it, I'd say an end period of time when you remove it. So, if the charge was outside that period I'd say you would be ok.
  19. Hmm fair enough if that is true, I hadn't noticed the date parameters.
  20. I have an RTA account and my bike is listed. I used the M7 a few times and got the toll notices in the mail. I went online and linked it to my RTA account. Some of them went through, but three didn't. I got the final notice, and tried again several times, and it still didn't work. I even called the ROAM people and got them to do it (they said the acceptance was determined at the RTA end as the account was with them). Still no luck.

    So I called the RTA. It turns out that on those three specific trips, I was following my wife who was in our car with an E-Tag. The computer system was rejecting the attempts to link the bike trips as it considered it as double charging - the car and the bike went through the toll point at the same time. They could over-ride it manually though.