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E-tag not registering bike???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Not4Resale, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. ey ppls. I have an e-tag for my car and it works great with it but when I go down the M5 (NSW) to and from work with the bike, I have had the tag sitting in my jacket and I'm in the mindset to get it out when I stop as there is a boom gate. The strange thing though is that an orange light comes up which i think says "low bal" as well as the green light before I get the tag out.

    Is the tag registering through my jacket or is my bike getting some special privelages?

    I tested my theory with my car and put the tag in my jacket when I went up to it and it didn't go green :( I had an embarrassing situation where i had to reverse a bit and flash my tag (much to the annoyance of the driver behind me).

    Some information on this would be really appreciated.

    and remember :inquisition:
  2. ah thanks mate. Wow this is a bigger topic than I originally fathomed. :grin:
  3. the guys that run the system in sydney actually told some friends of the family, that when they were on the bike they would have to take it out of their pocket and hold it in the air whilst riding through the toll gates
  4. I know the latest model e-tags that you can get from the Cross City Tunnel operators (I assume they're the same across all toll operators) work quite well through thick material. I say this because the pouch they come in is quite sturdy and I have also had it sitting on my dash of the car and it has beeped.

    As for holding it up in the air - hell no, just call up the CCT operators and ask them to send you an arm band pouch.
  5. rofl... seriously?

    Im in SA so dont know a damn thing about e-tags. But aren't these pieces of shit prepaid?

    So if they are, wouldn't "low bal" seem like a friendly warning that yours may be due for a top up?
  6. down here in melbourne they are always ready for a top up i pay more in my E-tag then i do in speeding fines[/quote]
  7. Queensland E-Tags are prepaid as well, and we recieve a double 'beep' when there is a low balance and the user has selected a manual top up and needs to do so....

    Automatic top ups like I have, we never know what the balance is like until I get the monthly statement.
  8. [/quote]

    I hope you mean for your car and arent paying for the bike on Citylink.

    Bikes are still free across the entire citylink network AFAIK
  9. Yep for my Cage but i did put take it with me on the bike oneday to see if it would work placed it in the storage area in the tail and then checked by balance online when i got home. Just enough it did work (but don't tell citylink that)[/quote]