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E.O.I - Remus 'Shorty' Slip-on Exhaust from 06' Suzuki GSXR750

Discussion in 'Archived' started by dimi, Dec 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    At this stage as I'll be upgrading to a Full Yoshimura exhaust system in the near future I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested in buying my current exhaust which is a REMUS Slip-on. Came with the bike when I bought it and atm its around 5k on the clock at the moment.

    Very nice sounding exhaust, only reason I'm upgrading is for a bit more power and a change of look for my bike, moving from the 'shorty' style to the full-length style. =D>

    It gives a real mean grumble that's quite addictive and I've loved it from the start. Exhaust is in perfect nick as far as I can see as bike is practically brand new also, but will give it a nice wipe and it will come up brand spanking new I'm sure of it (but my bikes nearly always spotless anyway :p).

    Not sure what other model's/years this exhaust fits (600's and 750's are the same I believe though), but my bike is a 2006 Suzuki GSX-R750. Being a slip-on exhaust it should be pretty compatible and when I get the exhaust changed over I'll be more than welcome of anyone willing to come have a look at it, unless you wish to see it on the bike then I can arrange that also.

    Have a pic at the moment from when I bought the bike with the exhaust picture so here it is. Any other angles you wish to get me a to take a pic of just let me know I'll get my camera out and start clicking.


    Contact: Dimi
    Location: Coburg, Vic
    Phone: 0433 941 646
    E-mail: t3chno@optusnet.com.au or dhaitidis@optusnet.com.au
    Price: $350
    (retail from ebay on other manufacturer's is around the $500-550 mark I believe but since I didn't personally pay for it I don't know exactly how much it set the buyer back at the time, but he got it fitted at Peter Stevens).
  2. Ok so as I said above, unsure on the price so feel free to hit me up with some offers and I'll take them all into consideration. End of the day once the exhaust is out I don't want to keep it around as i already have the stock slip-on as it is so since I'm not starting up a workshop I just want to get rid of it.
    Remember this exhaust is practically brand new still and I've looked after it very well, so condition will not be an issue as this is in EXCELLENT condition.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.