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N/A | National e-mag Motorcycling Review Edition 1

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by the_blacke, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Folks,

    the first edition of Motorcycling Review is now available: http://motorcyclingreview.com/MR201207.pdf

    This first one is pretty Vic centric I'm afraid, but I'm working on establishing some more national interest stories.

    Please have a read and forward it around :)
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  2. Very well done Blacke. I enjoyed reading it, but the article on the TAC has me a bit fired up.
    How do we get the moron running the TAC to listen to reason? He's like a bloody ostrich sticking his head in the sand when it comes to getting input from riders. Does he have any idea of what it's like to ride? Has he ever held a motorcycle licence? Have any of his senior staff held a bike licence? If the answer is no, then how can they be allowed to even comment on motorcycle accidents or put out campaigns on TV that vilify riders? Is there any way to get these armpits out of power other than shooting them?
    Sorry for spouting off but their actions are disgusting and I have to vent. Once again, well done and I hope you continue with this. If you need a contribution to help continue, let me know and you'll have it.
  3. Oh, it's been forwarded alright...
  4. Sorry Wyno but TAC is a multi-million dollar bureaucracy. There is no way holding a motorcycle licence is a key criteria for choosing its management. The only reason they even know what a motorcycle is, is because they think we cause an uncomfortable blip in their accounts.

    the_blacke: Just gave the first edition a cursory glance (will read it to night when I have time) but looked good and professional. Well done and looking forward to many more editions.
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    That letter would be one of the best constructed ones I've seen. Brilliant work.

    Would love to see what kind of response it gets.

    eMag is professionally made as well.


  6. Loved it! Brilliant work.

    Of the 2 articles, I thought:

    - the first was was interesting, and shed some light on things, but, on the other hand, it got what was expected, a police officer stating that they are very accurate and get it right etc.... It would be nice to see a counter view from some kind of expert analysis (if indeed there is such a thing)

    - the TAC article was just ****ing awesome. Loved the attitude comparisons etc.

    Keep it up mate.

    he did go and get his MC learners to see how the process all works, but, hasn't done much (any?) riding since.

    What letter was that?
  7. Fantastic effort. (y)
  8. Insightful, measured and all too timely - well done Ross.

    Perhaps you should offer Ministers involved with the Parliament of Victoria’s Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety a free subscription? Motorcycle Review looks as if it will cover topics relating directly to the Inquiry's Terms of Reference in each issue.

    Good job (y)
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  9. The related Facebook page, "TAC; get real about rider safety", published a letter to the Minister for the TAC. Another brilliant piece of work.
  10. republished here
  11. Oh that one. I had read that letter. I thought Rob must've also written a letter as Justus appeared to be talking to Rob.
  12. Got my copy of Motorcycling Review today.

    What an excellent publication.:applause::applause::applause: Will be sharing it with everyone I can.

    A printed copy sits on my desk - so I can read it again and again and again.
  13. Cudos to all involved!!!!
  14. The magazine is - and at this point, is going to remain - free for readers. My goal is not to profit from this, so I am actively encouraging people to forward it to anyone who ought to see it.

    I am also encouraging people to reprint the articles (with appropriate attribution), since the best outcome is for people to be reading it and making informed opinions.

    I am going to be seeking advertising & sponsorship, because FOI requests cost money, and I hope to entice some other people to write articles for it to broaden the content base and national appeal.
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    Yes I was talking to Robsalvv who'd email me a copy of the letter you've read.


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  16. Brilliant work, easy to read and thought provoking. Congrats on a job well done to all involved!:applause:
  17. Is there anyway for others to get involved? I'd love to write stuff for a magazine!
  18. Good on you for remaining balanced and objective.

    I spent five years as editor of two national magazines, and you will need to continue in the manner you have started to get any traction and credibilty.

    Dont let others distract you with emotional outbursts, positive and negative.

    I wish you a long run with your magazine, and applaud your efforts.

    Well done.
  19. There are lots of ways that people can get involved with MR. Here's the context that anyone ought to know if they're thinking about getting on board.

    MR was created to provide a media channel for academic / scholarly / serious review and critique of motorcycle related studies, policies, safety campaigns, and issues. Everything that went into the magazine was fully referenced - the TAC piece has about 20 footnotes for a 1500 word piece.

    Though there will be editorial material in there, the aim is for the material in MR to be as watertight as we can realistically get it. My goal and hope is that someone will be able to drop a copy on the desk of the premier and he will have no (reasonable) grounds to dismiss it. You may have noted the very understated, conservative tone of the logo, colours and layout. This magazine is about motorcycling, but it is aimed at bureaucrats, politicians, academics, and policy makers.

    So that's the context. How can you get involved if you want to? Here's 5 ways:

    1. send in articles, interviews, feedback letters, you name it. You've read the above so you understand the tone / standard we're shooting for. Objective & evidence based stuff is key, and I'd love to receive it! editor[at]motorcyclingreview[dot]com will get to me.

    Don't be limited in what you want to write about by what I said above... my starting place is exposing the real state of the evidence that the TAC ignores (Thank you TAC for inspiring me to start this!) but I want this to be nationally relevant, and broader than merely TAC critiques. If you want to write about the deplorable condition of X Road and how it's a hazard, do so. It's a place to raise concerns and issues in an intelligent and verifiable way.

    2. send in story ideas or issues that you'd like to see looked in to. There's a thread on here where I'm collecting ideas, or just email it to me.

    3. I'm hoping to start getting advertising or sponsorship for the next issue, so if you know someone who runs a business that's related to motorcycles, suggest to them to think about advertising in MR. Freedom of Information requests cost about $25 a pop, and I'm collecting a whole list of material I want to request from TAC & government. Also purchasing published papers costs money - again not huge, usually about $30 for a research paper - but I need to get my hands on some of the papers that have been used to justify policy decisions in the past.

    4. forward the magazine to everyone you know who is interested in motorcycling issues; if there's an article you agree with and you are concerned about the issues it raises, forward it to your local MP and tell them that you're concerned about it.

    5. plug it on your facebook / google plus / blog / other forums / anywhere. The greater our circulation, the more legitimacy we gain in the eyes of those who weigh issues by their popularity.

    Oh, and a huge thank you to everyone who has left feedback here or on the various pages on facebook. I'm genuinely overwhelmed by the positive responses people have left. Thank you so much!!
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  20. ^ perhaps you should set up a bank account that we can put money into to chip in and help out with some of the costs? I'm sure there are some on here who would be willing to help out as much as they can. (I know I would be willing at least).
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