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NSW E C Tuesday 27.11.12 & C S S 28.11.12

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by POPEYE, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Booked in for the 27.11.12 at EC with two other NR people confirmed Northerner & UDLOSE....

    Anyone else from NR feel free to join us or just say hi......

    Plus i am doing CSS Level 1 on the following day, anyone else going?
  2. Looking forward to it mate. New Wilbers rear shock on the bike, off to get the forks resprung etc next week too...

    Went to book the CSS but they had all if a sudden sold out!! Pretty annoyed with myself as would have been good - will look at booking in some other time though.
  3. Ps anyone interested in another ride day in the new year? Plenty of weekend dates available at the moment which suits me better than mid week.
  4. What group are you in [MENTION]UDLOSE[/MENTION]?
  5. i think his in Green
  6. Looks like I'm chasing you then mate ;)
  7. I'm booked in for the 27th, it'll be my first taste of the track so I'll be cruising around in the white group :)
    I was going to book CSS level 1 for the next day but as mentioned, seemed to fill up overnight.
    I'm actually giving thought to booking the 3 levels in three days next year. Read a write up on here a few weeks back about someone doing it, sounded like my go.
  8. Sounds good mate - you will have a ball. We will definitely arrange to hook up in the same garage closer to the time (y)
  9. Just got the call to give me the nod for CSS on the 28th! Woop! See you there POPEYE.
  10. Lucky bugger!
  11. nice!

    apparently they only call you once & if you dont pick up they simply move on to the next person on the waiting list! So very lucky!
  12. They left me a message and gave me 30 mins to reply. Was driving when they called and got their message exactly 30 mins later so v lucky!

    Can't wait!
  13. Sorry mate.... Are you on the waiting list too? Might be another spot come up...
  14. nah i meant your lucky i am confirmed for the track day & css lvl 1;)
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  15. Nah, I shit canned it as I needed to either confirm a booking or work. I figured there'd be no way a spot would come up lol. Grats though :)
    I'd still like to do all three in one week, rather than one now and not get back down there till next year.
  16. I know this sounds terrible but I just ambo chase on the day and almost always get in by the second session.
  17. Ha ha - awesome :)
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  18. +1 its 1/2 price as well?
  19. Really?!
  20. N
    they'll only discount it if you get on half way through day or later.
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