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e-braking practice anyone? E-subs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by agelow, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, just wanting to practice my e-braking.

    if anyone is interested in coaching/practicing and lives near eastern subs (glen waverly) let me know.

    maybe sat or sun night at VicRoads..empty on weekends.
  2. Hi Agelow,

    Any chance of you making it down to Sat morning learner prac sessions yet?

    If you can, Hawklord & GreyBM will be able to help you out with this.

    Is on this w/end.

  3. hey nightowl

    I have been keen to go down, however I dont think im confident enough to ride to unfamiliar places just yet.

    iv heard lots about the sessions through word of mouth so yeh will hopefully make it when im better.
  4. Mate I would if I could. No bike = no riding = Cheffie MAD!!!!!!!
  5. ooh really? that sucks! any plans to get one in the future?
  6. can i practice them on your bike agelow ?
  7. haha ill consider it if you drive my bike to E2W for a service and back.

    I'm too crap to not kill myself to get my bike serviced there haha
  8. How about if someone were to ride in to prac (& back) with you?
    I can make the trek over to collect you this Sat (& ride back with you) if you feel you're up to it.
    If so, pm me & we'll figure out a meet point.
    If not, that's cool. All in good time. :)
  9. It will help if you put your location in your profile so people might know whether they are nearby. That way they may be more inclined to help. Also if you aren't confident enough to come to StKilda then try puting your name down in the mentoring thread and seeking some one on one help.
  10. nightowl, thanks for the offer, thats very kind of you. but i live too far from u.

    ill just keep chugging along. im getting better, (havent stalled in a while).. just need to be more confident with changing gears.
  11. Where are you up to with your starts, did you practice what I told you, you should have that pretty good by now,

    I have the bike, but cant travel, no ticket,

    Keep practising, you will get there,

    Heathers just discovered what I have been telling her, lean your head and the bike will go where you want it, She didnt believe me, But now she is stoked that she can and it works,
  12. In and out of vicroads carpark and up and down the roads there,
    You probably wont need to go higher than 3rd gear in there,

    But it is a good practice spot for you, just go round and round, up and down the road, do it heaps off times, you will find it becomes easier the more you do it.
  13. I was thinking of popping down to the learner practice sessions this Saturday to catch up.
    I'm in Frankston & don't mind swinging past Glen Waverley. PM me if you're still interested.
  14. Hey bryan,

    I have been practicing those starts. This is what I've been doing so far since.

    • Rode to 80km, 6th gear
    • rode in the wet about 3 times
    • practicing throttle blipping for down shifting (helped heaps, I havent stalled since practicing this)
    • rode home in peak hour first time today. was good practice for stop/go

    things to practice
    -slow riding
    -e braking
    -not engine braking when i down shift.
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    I live in Dingley, but I'm away this weekend, and will be busy at work for the following 2 weekends. I'll keep an eye on this thread or you can PM me...
  16. Your riding in peak hour traffic, excellent, two weeks ago you wouldnt ride out of your street,
    Its mastering your fears of some thing new, Your certainly getting there,
    Well done Mate,

    Riding in the wet, do not put too much pressure on your front brake,
    It can lock up the front wheel and drop the bike out from under you,
    Use your gears and rear brake to pull up when its wet,

    When stopping, use 3rd or 2nd gear to slow you down, Then pop it into first as you stop,
    Allways be in first gear when stopped, Clutch in,
    Watch your mirrors, If some one comes up behind you and you think they are not going to stop in time,
    Drop your clutch and move forwards, Its better than being run over,

    I always engine brake to slow down or stopping, Saves my disk pads,

    E Braking, Learn to keep your self out of harms way at all times, watch for the clowns, slow down before you get near them, swing wide if you have to,
    If all else fails, stop, Let them get out of the way,

    Make sure you are riding where they can actually see you.,
    Cars dont look, you have to do the looking for them.

    Slow riding you can do in the vic roads carpark,
  17. Thanks heaps for the support guys. Wont be able to make it this weekend, but will let u guys know when its a good time.

    Cheers for the advice bryan, iv taken note of it and will put it into practice.

    I reckon ill be able to pop by yours soonish also if the offers still there.

    One question, does using engine brake ruin the engine ? It sounds harsh but i dont know anything mechanically.

    Yeah will definatley practice some E-Braking. Few times this week I've had close calls cos people dont see me. Have to be super careful about road positioning.
  18. NO, engine braking does not ruin the engine,
    Riding the clutch on a bike does not wear out the clutch significantly, unless your holding it half in all the time,

    Road positioning is critical all the time, make sure you are in a position where you cant be run over, or hit by any thing,

    With E braking, you can swing your bike to one side or the other, so you go past a car, and then stop easily,
    The opposite side to where the car is going,

    Keep your distance back from cars, It safer, Dont travel beside cars, They cant see you,

    Only riding the bike continously will make you improve, If you leave it for a week or so, you will have to relearn what you have already learnt,

    The offer still stands, mate,

    Just dont ride up Canterbury road between 3-30 and 5-30 PM, Its very heavy peak hour,
  19. Sure I can meet you at vicroads on sunday, have you got an address? I reckon I know enough about e-braking to be able to coach someone.
  20. hi guys. i dropped my bike today :-( :-(

    not any major dmg that i can see but it was so scary!!

    the problem.... U - Turn on hills. damn these are hard. i was going slow, then i stalled, and the bike tipped over.

    any ways to prac this?

    And definately time to service the bike... speedo stopped working today!!