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E-Bike/Car withdrawing from Aus market

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Hi all...

    Just had an email today stating the following.

    Anyone have any further info as to why.

    Bit of a pain really as we have both the bike and car with them and so far (touch wood) not had to make a claim, but their premiums on fully comp have always been a shipload better than anyone else.



  2. When I asked for a quote for the R1 they were like nearly $2000 but IMR was $600

    maybe that gives an idea why they are closing
  3. Yeah but unlike you my good fellow, I'm 36ish and live in a sleepy backwater of Mel and insuring a VFR800 not a road rocket.

    They were always at least 80-100 buckeroos cheaper.

    ps, I remember in my yoof when I had a GSXR750 and must have been..oh...21 or similar. Each fortnight I'd pay the bike loan..and have nothing left after rent etc and the other fornight paying my flipping instalments on the insurance.

    Ahh..such misguided and worry free times
  4. Economics. Unable to make a decent profit in a competitive market. Also, you insurance is actually with Callidens (ebike was just an agent) whom already insure bikes themselves under the Dawes brand. Wouldn't surprise me if Callidens decided that it wasn't worth the effort and decided not to renew the agent agreement.
  5. I am 41 and nothing is as sleepy as a suburb on the outskirts of Canberra - in fact its zoned semi rural - I can not even get broadband by wire
  6. Thanks Jase, I wonder then, why are they promoting QBE? Bought out maybe?
    As for ML, thats really strange that your insurance prem should be sooo high

  7. If they were offering really cheap prices, then they have obviously discounted themselves out of the market....
  8. ....or actually had to pay out on a claim and no longer have any money.
  9. I believe all motorcycle insurers strike the above two occurrences. Most years you will find one of the majors being significantly cheaper than all others. Clearly they have made a decision to go after the motorcycle market. Usually the next year they are not so cheap. My guess is they've had a few claims and someone in the company has said "hang on . . "

    But it works out well for those that shop around every year.
  10. Had a look around as it was my car that needs updating. E-car have handballed to QBE

    My premium with e-car was $460 ish
    Qbe $520

    so off I toddle back to Budget Direct. Fully comp for $360

    Go figure?

    ps. Only added the car to e-car co my bike was with them and at the time of insuring (2 years ago) they were comparable to BDirect.
  11. I got the email today.

    The main reason I went with e-bike was because they offered 3rd party property damage AND theft on the R1. IMR who I was with previously could only add on a seperate policy for theft which doubles the cost. Unfortunate really.

    I have yet to find another insurance company to offer that for motorbikes.

    Might have to go for full comp.

    Can get it for a reasonable price these days, however that's if I say I am a rating 1 no claimer.

    I've never had an at fault claim in the car and never had an accident on the bike in over 10 years. Had insurance the whole time, but have changed company's a fair bit so I have no idea if I am actually elligible to say I am rating 1 or not. I would think so.

    When the time comes I'll have to call around and find out I suppose.
  12. you ride an R1 - this makes you a god amongst men

    insurance companies should be paying you

  13. interesting info... did a bit of a look around and i noticed that IMR do CTP too now? anyone had a go?
  14. Ye got mine last week, it's still G.I.O though
  15. is it? how does it work? ive got my bike CTP with Shannons at the moment... along with everyhting else... whats the price like? do you just go online?