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E-bay noob - is this for real?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Been starting to have a serious look at e-bay buying for the first time. One item which I thought would be a good first item to have a look at was the Scala Rider bluetooth headset that clips onto a helmet. One of the mobile phone shops looked up their catalogue and it was about $220. E-bay says they have sold a bunch of them in the last few days for between $40 and $60(+$20 postage). Is this fair dinkum? The four that have sold at that price in the last two days were sold by one of the "power sellers" with about 36000 feedbacks over 5 years at 99% favourable.

    I'm very much a believer in the saying about things being too good to be true and this sort of price differential makes me a little uncomfortable.
  2. I get on my bike to escape phones, chatter & all things useless so why would I want one of those things? It won't make my bike go faster or handle better & could be seriously detrimental to my health & well being! Not to mention the health & well being of my bike! I wouldn't have it if it was for free! but that's only MHO!
  3. I would like to be able to go the same way, but work sees it differently. I have to be contactable(Duty Search and Rescue Co-ordinator) and I have missed a few calls while on the bike(as MickyB knows all too well!). The situation isn't going to change for a while so need to bite the bullet before it bites me in the ass.
  4. I just saw this on one of the phones from a major seller

    So they rebirth mobile phones from India for sale on E-bay in Australia?
  5. Best way to gauge whether the seller is genuine is to email them, ask some questions, according to their response you should be able to judge whether it is legit. It's even better if they have a shop. I hate buying from private users only a few times it has worked to my favour.

    Oh yeah also look at where the item is coming from, a lot of the mobile phones come from overseas so I don't like bidding on those.

    Good Luck!
  6. I just bought one for $80 off Ebay, new.
    As said above, make sure the seller is local, watch freight costs and make sure it's new.
    These sellers work on massive volume, they can afford to lose a few items at not much above cost, it draws other buyers in to their other auctions in the hopes of a bargain.
    Also know your prices, I've seen auctions end higher than other auctions for the same thing with a lower buy it now price!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Recently purchased NEW 2.5x High Definition Telephoto, 0.45x High Definition Wide Angle & Macro Lens off Ebay. Total cost including postage $149.00. The wide alone sells for around the $300 in store.

    Pays to know exactly what you want, know your prices, ALWAYS check out the seller, as you have done.

    I perfer to purchase from withing Aust, so always check those details out.
    Sometimes says in Aust but dig deeper & there actaully from India, HongKong etc. There the ones I avoid.

    Have purchased from Hong Kong, & its gotten here quicker then some stuff from Aust. ( But that doesnt surprise me, typical Aust Post @ times )

    Keep an eye you your currency exchange rate, consider delivery time, cost & insurance.

    I reported 1 seller, because I was more then happy to pay $13 for insurance & boy was I pissed off when it arrived in nothing more then one of those Aust Post padded envelopes that cost 95 cents & $1 to post. Got $8 refund. Still wasnt happy but better then nothing.
  8. For the Scala ... yup. These peopel import themselves directly from OS, removing the huge middle man and retail mark-ups the AUS sellers are inflicting. Got 2 of them just a month or so ago from seperate sellers ... between $90 and $110 inc. postage for both.
  9. Wow. This is good news. There I was looking at $600-$800 dollars for a new bluetooth mobile and scala helmet kit but based on this, looks like I might be able to get away with $300 depending on the phone.

    Thanks for the advice - has gone a long way to assuaging my caution.
  10. As posted on another thread (which I'm too lazy to link to! :LOL: ), I bought one on eBay for $51 + postage.
  11. I'd pick Tamil.

    Jesus, that'd wake me up! First thing in the morning hearing an electrified Sri Lanken gobbing off at me!
  12. In the Middle East you have a lot of Aussie troops cycling through the same camp accommodation. One of the welcome to the desert presents that get left behind for the incoming rotation is the Mosque Clocks. They are alarm clocks in the shape of a Grand Mosque and the alarm is a recorded morning prayer. But they are f%^&ing loud. So the outgoing guys set them for about 3am and hide the things all over the place - behind drawers, inside mattresses, in the walls etc. It pisses guys off for a about a week before they manage to find all the bloody things.