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Dynotuner using Tuneboy or TuneECU???

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by dirtydannyd123, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Hey.

    I'm in Melbourne and looking for a dyno tuner that can use either the Tuneboy or (preferrably) TuneECU programs. I know everyone specialises in powercommanders but I'm having problems finding someone to dynotune my trumpy using Tuneboy or the new (and free) TuneECU.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

  2. Try Mick De With on 9752 0092. He's in Monbulk. He hasn't used Tuneboy but has had a look at it on my laptop. He tunes Power Commanders, Yoshimura, Motec etc properly. He mapped my roadrace sidecar & it's a rocket.
  3. Hey guys, figured I'd revive this one. Any new people anyone can recommend to dyno tune using TuneECU? Want to get custom airfilter fitted and the bike dyno tuned for it using TuneECU.
  4. I want the same - Have a Speed Triple that I've fitted a low-mount slip-on to and K&N filter. I've put the Triumph Arrow 3-1 map on there which is near enough, but would be nice to get it running just right.