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Dynomania Dyno Day 13/2/11 (Revesby)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Palmy, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Not sure if this is permited by the Mods but I have had no reply.

    Dynomania bike Dyno Day at Revesby on the 13/2/11
    between 11am-4pm.

    $50 for three runs including prinout.

    BBQ On the day.

    Address is 144 Milperra Rd, Revesby NSW 2212 (use Auction World Entry)

    Please add your name below to confirm your place or call 0425573966


  2. Just called you mate went to voicemail if u can put me down that would be great. Tony oh and can you call me back got a couple of questions
  3. Very interested!

    I have never had dyno done before, I would assume a proper dyno would include some sort of adjustments? In this case, 3 runs for $50 would just be identifying if and what adjustments are needed but doesn't include any actual adjustments, correct?
  4. For 50 bux, all u will get is a print out on HP and Kw
  5. That confirms my assumption. I vaguely remember someone quoted $400 to $500 to dyno test my bike and it also involved purchasing of some power commander thingy.

    I think dyno test stresses the engine a lot.
  6. If its done right its no more stressful than a full throttle run in 4th gear to redline on the road,you should also get a graph of the air/fuel ratio you bike is producing telling you if it needs any fuelling change,jets in carbs or maybe a Powercomander in a FI bike.Be waned chancing power,even genuine stock power gets expensive and additive.I always have my fingers crossed to gaurd against blowups,lucky so far
  7. Hi Tony,
    Will give you a call back tonight.

    It is just 3 power runs with prints outs for HP Torque and AFR's but its a good way to work out if your bike is running to its potential and also safely & also can be good for some bragging rights if its making good numbers. lol

    As for the bike being stressed on the dyno, as Zim said its no different to doing a full throttle run on the street. We also don't run to high of a ramp rate so the bike isn't under full load for too long.
  8. And AF ratio's for people with slip on's/full system's and filter's.....Worth the $50 to see if your bike is potentially running lean IMO....
  9. With all the go fast bolt on bits, for bikes these days, mufflers, high flow air filters etc, it can cause a lot of bikes to run to lean, When running to lean the bike will tend to run hot, ping and can damage or even detonate the engine. When you bike is running to rich your bike will tend to lack a bit of performance, use to much fuel and generally not run real good.
    The dynomania dyno will give you a print out showing the air fuel ratio,s thoughout your bikes entire rev range, It will also give a graph of your bikes power curve, showing if there is any spikes lows or flatspots, and also the same with the torque curve.
  10. 2 of us are in mate
  11. This sounds much better! Looking at the amount of soot on the exhaust tip I always thought my bike is running rich. I have Arrow slipons installed by a dealer awhile ago but wasn't sure if they had loaded the right tune, I asked a different dealer to reload the tune recently, will be interesting to find out if they had done it correctly.

    Please count me in.
  12. i'll probably be there, the bbq is doing it for me :D
  13. Are you there for the BBQ or dyno, or both? ;)

    I drove pass Auction World so many times, never thought I would go there for dyno test.
  14. is that across the road from the missile?
  15. Not across the road, it's where the missile used to be.
  16. ahhh the missiles have gone eh, what happened to it, used to be a popular car yard
  17. yer the missiles have gone.
    Now its auctionworld bankstown well worth a look, they sell everything from the kitchen sink to cars and boats.
  18. Re Dyno day 13/2/2011 feel free to take pics or video
  19. just keep the snags coming and i'll be happy :D you supplying drinks also or BYO
  20. Ah Goz... thinking of the important things. ;)