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Dyno tune

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ibanez, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. My bike is in need of a dyno tune, any recomedations of where i should take it? I live in the Ipswich area but am willing to travel to the Brisbane area surrounds. thanks

  2. LAE.

    Don't have their contact details handy. Google might though ;)
  3. thanks vic. have you used them?
  4. Nah, they are a bit far for me ;)

    One of the blokes that worked for them flew down to Melbourne when we held a dyno day a few years ago.

    I've heard good reports but unfortunately, no first hand experience.
  5. no worries vic, just thought i would see if anyone in this forum had any first hand experience with a good workshop i could take my bike to.
  6. What is wrong with your bike?
    What is your skill level with spanners?
    What type/make of bike is it?

    I will try and help!
  7. LAE Racing are a great bunch. Had my GSR with PC3 remapped by them a couple of weeks ago, did a good job on it.
  8. PM sent ozzyfzr

    good to know
  9. What does a dyno tune for older carburetted bikes involve? Check A/F mixture, run it on a dyno, then swap jets in and out until it's satisfactory?
  10. Correct.
  11. Try Fred @ Sirco as well
  12. Hi all,

    Related question - what sort of ballpark figure do you think I should expect to get my single cylinder/carb, two-stroke NSR dynotuned.

    Putting on new exhaust and filter so will need a tune.

    What have you paid for a simple carby tune at a dyno place?

  13. Anyone know if Brisbane Motorcycles are any good? They claim to have some super-fancy dyno setup, but I haven't used them and haven't really heard anything about them. Will probably want to get the Bandit dynoed/tuned/carby balanced at some point, since as I think I said before I'm not even sure whether it's been jetted for the pipe and air filter it has. Maybe LAE are the go...?
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