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Dyno tune - where in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by raven, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. I know about Dynoverks...is there another place riders have found to be good at it and reliable.?

    Thanks :)
  2. If you find a good one mate send them up here.
    Ive called 4 shops in brissy asking for them to provide and install a PC-V and tune the bike up for me... anyone would think they have too much money as they just arent interested. Even the power commander 'specialists' arent interested. If they had too much, they should do it for me for free!
    Seriously, its just a 1050 triple same as so many other bikes...
  3. Out of interest, what are you hoping to achieve with the power commander?

    Will they allow you to hire the dyno and do the tune yourself? Assuming that you just want to tweak the a/f ratios then it's really not that complicated.

    On a side note.. I'm a bit skeptical of the utility of things like interceptor modules - particularly given their relative lack of inputs compared to the mass of data that the engine's ECU is using to calculate fuel and ignition advance figures, combined with the ability of the ECU to learn to map around changes that you've made (unless you hobble it by doing things like disconnecting O2 sensors - bye bye fuel economy)..

    I'm not sure whether there are any places doing full replacement ECU's for bikes, but that would always be my default position when doing a car - tune or replace the existing ecu rather than trying to put interceptor modules around it. It's more work, but IMO worth it in the long run.
  4. No no i would like them to do it :). But yes i want to put the k&n filter i have in and mod the mapping to suit it and the staintune exhaust.

    Agreed that i would prefer to use the triumph ecu as its a far more powerful tool with far more options for customisation than a power commander. Its more a case of ease of configuration - cost of the pc vs the large amount of extra effort involved in customising the ecu mapping. Not that money is an issue for me in that regard though im willing to pay what it takes to get it working with the mods efficiently, i just figure a dyno shop more likely to want to do it if they get to sell me a pc-v and do it for me on that rather than fool about with the trumpy ecu.

    p.s. sorry for hijack here raven :p.
  5. No probs...not a hijack...a temporary diversion. :)

    I wacked a pc3 on the firebalde and got a hefty rise in power overall, but also a more responsive engine, that was quite a bit more potent through the rev range.

    Just want the same equivalent results with the triumph - it's fairly easy process for the dynoboys...but it's making me have to get involved, and that's why I paid the dosh...so I could sit on my arse and let someone else do it! Fark me!...this kinda shit really pisses me off. I just wanna give the bloody bike to someone and get it back running considerable better overall...it's not hard....but it's getting there. I'm close to arseholling the whole bloody thing, and cutting my losses by selling it on ebay to someone who might have better luck.
    We'll see.

    Hey Messy...I did the one on the blade myself (pc3)...downloaded some of the maps from the i-net, and found one that was pretty danged good....of course, you need a laptop to swap maps in and out and play with them if you want to. I fitted my own 02 sensor eliminator...but really....this whole fekking oxygen sensor bullshit is viciously unacceptable....I'm on meds to help stop me going ferrel under stress and these pricks are pushing all the BAD buttons at the moment.
  6. Stupid aint it, noone seems to want the work... I should set up a dyno shop so i automatically become rich and dont need to get any work.

    Got the lappy covered, might just buy a PC-V and have a faff about with it next week off, see if i cant blow it up. Trouble is i cant really find a good map for it, but i suppose any 1050 with a k&n with an 'aftermarket' exhaust is a good starting point.
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  7. Do you have a PC3 or Power Commander V? If you have a V, why not invest in the Autotune and DIY?
  8. Hi Octane in Thomastown will do a good job.
  9. Might have to. Kinda defeats the whole purpose...but might have to.
  10. This one John. This place is just around the corner from me and Dave is an absolute gentleman and is a no - bullshit guy.
    He has been doing dyno and repairs for a looong time and well worth a look in. Just call him and have a chat and he'll give you a straight up answer to your queries.

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  11. I have used both Dynobike and Hi Octane.Only used dynobike twice ,once for my old z900 and once for my zx9 on the other hand Hi octane Motorcycles are by a long way the better option both for price and service.They do my old Z900 my Zx9 Track bike,My zx9 Road bike and my Wifes vtr 250.
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  12. Hey score!
    Turns out between when i last asked here locally 3 months ago and now, my local bike shop has bought a dyno, and hired someone who knows how to use it!

    Problem solved... :D!
    They are going to have a go with the stock ecu first ;).

    If im not happy with the result though they said they are happy to fit a PC-V and autotune for me for free if i provide them, and set it up so it does its thing. Obviously going to make enough from me with the dyno :p.
  13. Awesome! I'm glad someone was finally able to help.. I was almost ready to start seeing what might be involved in opening a tuning business myself - it sounds like there's a bit of demand around for those sort of services :)

    Let us know how you get on.. I think you'll be much better off if you can get the stock ECU tuned .. and it sounds like hopefully these guys know what they're doing too which is always helpful :)
  14. The Triumph ECU is not tuneable in the usual sense, a Triumph dealer can add a map to suit slip ons but that is about as tuneable as it gets out of the box.

    If you have really want full control over your ECU and the ability to change all it's parameters you will need to use either Tuneboy or TuneECU software to change the maps and reload them into the stock ECU. This can be time consuming when building maps as you have to download the map from the ECU, modify it, upload it to the ECU, run bike on dyno....rinse and repeat.
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  15. Yeah Bamm thats what i mean by my earlier comment of:
    Ive got tuneecu myself so i can look around in there ;)

    They say they have a few close maps for it so hopefully half the job is done for them already. Will give them a shot, they reiterated when i delivered the bike today for the work (also getting the suspension reworked) that if the tune is no good they will gladly install a PC-V and autotune, plus do the initial map configuration on the dyno for free - i just need to provide the pcv and autotune.
  16. G'day Raven, haven't read through the entire thread, so forgive if it's been covered, but Dave at Dynobike runs a good shop.

    He's been good enough to put on 2 Dyno days for us Netriders & is a nice fellow to boot :)

    Have fun.
  17. Quite right, mate. I know I will likely get into total fekup, forever fiddling with stuff. PITA.
    I just wanted the bike done, and ride off into the sunset. No fuss for moi. :)
  18. anybody here know of ar had dealings with Newworld Honda down Narre Warren, with regards to bike servicing/maintenance?
    If so, are they any good?? cheers
  19. Fair cop calling a nizoolanda a nice fellow.


    Nah, he's good value. :)