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Dyno time...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Zippah, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Last week I booked the lil one in, knowing full well during the run down through mac pass and kangaroo valley she wasn't turning the back wheel hard enough...

    I knew she was running lean with the loud pipe, and I wanted to keep it on, because it's keeping dopey cage controllers out of my way.

    Enter the 'dyno'

    It was raining, and she doesn't really like it when it rains, and started to misbehave... nevertheless I got her to the workshop and handed her over.

    Just having clocked up 30K km, I thought it was about time she lost her virginity, and when she was strapped in and ready, I watched through the glass, while she squealed like a pig under full throttle.

    For the first time I saw her shoot foot long flames out the pipe on decel after nudging the limiter... truly an impressive sight. Apparently all bikes do it when strapped in, but it still impressed me that this little engine could shoot foot long blue-orange flames :)

    The primary run showed a dismal output... 33.8 hp, and to make matters worse, it appeared to be only running on 3, and the dyno couldnt get induction signal above 7krpm.

    Off came the carbies. Surprisingly, after 11 years, there was almost no shellac or debris in the bowls, the floats were still perfect and the jets clean. This is primarily down to only ever using good premium unleaded fuel, (with the odd bit of methylbenzine) so I was most pleased with that. Swapped the mains for some bigger ones and back on for a run...

    Second run revealed a dead plug with evidence of compression flaring, so in went a new set and run 3

    Run 3 produced a significant improvement. Not only was the torque curve markedly improved, the power output up top had moved across to an acceptable level also.

    the Final run we tried a factory HRC race cdi, and the power output went DOWN across the whole range, compared with my standard cdi. That was surprising. We expected an improvement, but only a small one, yet we saw an obvious reduction in both torque across the rev range and peak power was down, despite the extra 1krpm ceiling.

    So now the lil baby is back to her new 'old' self. It just proved my theory, that back to back comparison is the only way to determine whether or not bolt on bits work as they are supposed to.

    So I'm pretty happy with my measured 38 rwhp. No I didn't expect massive gain with the 'loud' pipe... the loud pipe is purely there for aesthetics and aural stimulation - and as a warning for cagers.

    What really made my day, was riding her home, and finding a truckload more power in the low and mid ranges, and a top end which arrived much quicker than before.

    Haven't done a flat biccies run yet, but I'm pretty sure I've gotten back the 20kph I lost from the top end, because her state of tune was sad.
  2. 34hp :shock:
    Think my bike has that in the ignition coil :LOL:

    But serously, enjoy your toy! Well done
  3. HP doesn't mean Hand Power :jerk: :p Just kidding, enjoy your toys :LOL:
  4. Hey, good story! :) Thanks

    Trevor G

    PS Correct main jets will do just that...and having it run on all 4 helps a bit, too.
  5. Hmm good story,,

    I was also thinking of putting my liltle bike on dyno and tune it as well(when I have some spare cash).

    I saw that on my bike as well... I also never thought that my bike could shoot out flames. Well, saw it once and another time friends told me about it.