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Dyno Power Run

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by vahramh, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have my bike (kawasaki er6f, a.k.a. Ninja 650R) booked for 12k service with Peter Stevens, and just got an SMS offering to "take advantage of their special Dyno Power run offer".

    The question is - what is dyno power run? How do I know if I should do it?

    Cheers, Vahram
  2. They strap your bike to a treadmill that uses your engine to drive it.It measures the toque applied and then it graphs your power.A gas Analise is stuck up your exhaust and that measures the air fuel ratio pumped out the exhaust,that is graphed to see how your bike is running.A power run is in some cases 1 or 3 runs on full throttle usually done in 4th gear.Then if its not up to par its time to get your wallet out.Its a good thing to do BUT there is potential for it to go bang,thats not to say it would go bang anyway.I usually have both fingers crossed while its happening but thats just me.
  3. Thanks Zim,

    So I decided to have it done to get a baseline, but Peter Stevens decided they couldn't do it combined with the major service in a day... Will have to wait...
  4. They can't do a service on a basic twin cylinder motorcycle and strap it onto a dyno in 8 hours?

    Man that's milking a resource!
  5. Yeah, I was surprised as well... Given that the service charge was $220 (excluding parts), I assume they actually worked on the bike for 2 hours. Looks like they are overloaded.
  6. Dynos are not kind to engines. Rolling road types (ie most of them) are even less kind to tyres. Unless I was modifying my bike or had specific issues with it that needed troubleshooting, I wouldn't do it TBH.
  7. What PatB said - if theres no reason then I wouldn't do it. Heres a checklist:

    1: Does it run well?
    2: Is your bike stock?

    If you answered 'Yes' to #1 then forget #2, but if you answer no to the first one then get it checked... especially if you answer 'No' to #2 as well. Chances are that you're running a setup that your EFI mapping and ignition aren't programmed for.

    If you're running carbs then I'd just check the appropriate usergroup and then go about ordering the various jets you'll need for tuning.

    Cheers - boingk
  8. does peter stevens even have a dyno in any of their workshops ?
  9. ok that was a dumb question.
    because they'd need to know how to operate it
  10. Dyno runs at dealerships are the latest add on - like the A/C deoderising on your car for "only" $99 and it is a spray of Glen 20.

    Easy way for them to make extra money.