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Dyno Day at Dyno bike October 9 · 9:00am - 12:00pm

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Bangr, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. It's on again due to popular demand, Dyno day 9th Oct, there'll be a limit of 40 bikes so you will need to book before the day. You will recieve a print out with power and air/fuel curve, cost $20.00. Feel free to bring a camera or video to record the day.

    2/1 Winston Court
    Victoria 3189
    Phone 03 9553 0018
    Fax 03 9553 0072
  2. Yes, count me in.

    Are we registering here or with Dyno Bike?
  3. Might be keen for this
  4. what gear do they do the runs on a 6 speed?
  5. Is it just A/F ratios again... and can he give us RPM read outs instead of speed, a bit more useful?
  6. Call Dave at Dyno bike to book , also to ask for any info
  7. Last time is was there my readout was power BHP, torque lb/ft and RPM.

    I think I'll drop by again and see if I get improved torque results now that I have replaced my old slipping clutch with a Barrett racing clutch.
  8. ?? anyone
  9. Top gear I expect, not 100% though.
    Dave @ Dynobike will tell you if you ask.
  10. Most dyno runs are usually 4th gear as to not over spin the dyno. Speed is irrelevant as it's measuring engine breaking over rpm, etc.

    Anyway, on that topic, going off what I received last time & what I've seen other people received, I'm of the thought that $20 is like stealing candy from a baby. I definitely appreciated the time & effort but when I'm paying $20 & only received air/fuel & power over speed - speed being completely useless information, & then other people getting their readouts relevant to RPM & even torque readouts. I can't help but feel 1. A bit ripped off & 2. That it should either be cheaper or offer the same service to everyone.

    Before anyone says I should have asked or whatever, snookered & I did question the torque readouts & even our own printout but were told it takes too long to setup torque configs. Clearly that wasn't the case unless others hung around longer & paid more for the privilege!

    Anyway, I may attend again as I'm having a few issues with my bike at the moment & here's hoping a dyno run may be able to replicate the problem on the day so I can get some help with it!

    My 2c,
  11. Spoke to Dave, he's only doing HP/Speed/AF mix. NOT torque/RPM.

    Last dyno I had was 5th gear of 6
  12. Well I was interested till I read this, seems pointless really. Did he say why not?
  13. Last time he told snookered & I that it takes too long to setup, being that torque reading requires more gadgets to take the reading. Something about hooking a machine up to your wheel, etc. etc. Hence why we were a bit disappointed too to find out that some people were actually offered torque & RPM readouts.

  14. Yeah, torque would have been nice on my big twin, what else would I have to brag about???
    Not outright HP obviously...
    But seriously, the A/F readout was way more important for me, I have made changes & I'm going back to see how they worked out ;)
  15. For $20 mate shit what do ya want....... I dunno what he would normally charge to do a dyno run on a bike, but I reckon it would be a lot more than $20.

  16. Easy to have a dig if you haven't read everything I've posted & that's fine! My point if you care to go back & read, is that others apparently got extra service for the same cost - go figure, that's what I want to KNOW for my $20!

  17. Went to the last dyno run and it was worth the $20 just for the experience, ride, printout and mingling with others.

    I can understand GT's concern though with being given a different product for the same price everyone paid for.
  18. My point exactly, I too had a great time & loved seeing/hearing my bike on the dyno, I just think if I'm going to go again, I'd like to know what's on offer. I wouldn't care if I had to go last in order to allow for the extra setup time!

  19. HP vs Speed is easy enough to convert to torque vs rpm if you know what the rear wheel circumference is, and what your gear ratios are, which for every bike I've ever owned has been documented in the manual in the specifications section.

    Sure, it's a little bit of extra work, but it's a straight-forward mathematical ratio conversion.
  20. Interesting... I'm not very good at maths, do you happen to have a spreadsheet/calc flux?

    Or is it very simple?