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Dying to ride!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by grug, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Hey folks, fairly new round here. Caught the bike bug a while a go and am dying to get riding! :LOL: Doing my learners course next monday/tuesday and then going test riding! I'm pretty keen on getting a cruiser but still not sure where to start? Anyone had a first cruiser they would highly reccommend? I do like Honda's. :D

  2. i know what u mean by dying to ride

    welcome to the forum
  3. my uncle has just decided to sell his 81 Z250B if you're interested. kinda like the older CB250s and the likes. drop me a PM if your interested and i'll tell you a bit more about the mitey Z :LOL:
  4. V, Vi, Vir, Vira, Viraaaaahhhhh, Viirragooooo!!!!!

    Well, worked for me! :)

    Check out Voyager, he's got one! (Hopefully with less chicken strips by the time I see him next :p )
  5. Hi grug , welcome to the forum . Cant help u with the cruiser (never owned 1) but u like hondas , so u will fit in just nicely here . :D
  6. Hi Grug,

    I got my L's about 3 months ago and have been riding a suzuki vl250 intruder. I'm 6'2'' so i was looking for a 250 cruiser with a bit of room and the vl250 was perfect. Very comfortable and hasn't given me any probs yet. Enough power too if you don't plan on going up hills ;)

    Good luck and happy cruiser hunting.

    [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o<
  8. Heya Grug,

    Welcome to the site. I'm afraid I can't help with any cruiser info, it's been years since I tried one. I do see stacks of Viragos around so they can't be all bad. Last time I tried one, it was in Thailand and it was a Kwaka Eliminator. Fun bike but I don't think they were released here, I may be wrong.
  9. Werent they the EL250?
  10. Know the feeling Grug. It's an addiction :D
  11. well done on the BIG step into the world of freedom.

    isn't there a small cruiser called a VIAGRA ?? i hear you feel a little STIFF after riding one...........

    Cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  12. Heya,

    Welcome aboard... Have fun and stay safe

    Lisa :twisted:
  13. Thanx for all the help guys! Got a few more ideas now.
  14. Welcome, happy cruiser hunting.
  15. and what might these new ideas be??

    maybe we can talk you out of them if they are way too silly :p
  16. Hey Grug.

    If you like Hondas (Don't we all) and are looking for a second hand cruiser style bike, what about the Honda Rebel?
  17. I'm thinking a VT250c, a Rebel, or a Shadow TA200?
  18. Tsk! tsk! tsk! they do if you apply them!
  19. Hi Grug,
    I ride a Honda CB 250 & they also use these at MTA in Dandenong (Vic) for Learner's & licence testing! My bike Bond is gr8 & compensates really well for the crappy rider he's had to deal with while I've been learning again! Many experienced riders talked fondly of their time starting out on a CB 250 & maintenance is dead easy I've learn't to do lots of it myself! Best advice is to test ride as many as you can b4 you make a final decision!