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DVDs in M/c Mags

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JohnG., Feb 13, 2006.

  1. The lastest Aust Road Rider mag has as DVD in the back...
    ..mostly Motoguzzi stuff,but also had a segment on the
    Milan show(nice girls)...and some 'helmet cam' footage of
    local Roads in Italy..I think its a good concept.'Any thoughts?

  2. I'll take anything they give me!

    /Didn't know a new AusRoadRider was out... Must change my subscription details so they get sent straight to my place!
  3. Will it appeal to Ulyssians, if not then they have put it in the wrong magazine.
  4. yeah read the mag and watched the DVD its a great idea , but getting personality out of a "print" journo is like getting teeth pulled .... the milan show looked great but how horny was that Moto guzzi brevo !! wow i want one
  5. The DVD was sponsored by Moto Guzzi, so the Bear was never going to say anything adverse about the Griso...

    But there was some good footage on the disc, and it was worth a look.
  6. This months Australian Road Rider Magazine (Vol 7 No 5)

    They are trialing a new DVD review as an add-on. Comes free with the magazine.

    It's a DVD road test. Very interesting add-on.

    Since it's the first one, it's got some bad points, but some good points and is a great idea.

    Very home video in some points, but still I'm sure they'll improve.