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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Anyone know the difference between a DVD-R & DVD+R blank disk?

    I brought myself a DVD Recorder over the weekend and it didn't want to record so upon actually reading the instruction manual (I am male, it is against all things male to read the instructions) found it needs DVD+R blanks, not the -R's I got :facepalm:

    Wish they'd write this info on the box so you can get the right blanks before you get home and not wait until you open the box and spend 20 minutes plugging it all in. Looks like I'm wandering around the corner to JB in Eliz st.
  2. It used to be the case that DVD-R was more compatible with stand-alone players (ie, the ones you plug into your TV) and DVD+R was more compatible with PC players.

    These days most things will work with anything, but I still record all movies in -R. Data discs for PCs I'll do in +R. May as well make them as compatible as possible. ;)
  3. and -R is cheaper too :wink:

    but yeah, most players are made to handle just about everything now so its not like your getting sub standard media. +R is apparently more stable (ie. you get less coasters) but i havn't had a trouble with -R for months now so i guess they've straightened it all out.....
  4. Most players these days can do both but the industry appears to be starting to slant to +R. More and more writers are just being +R and +RW. Apparently +R more stable, supposedly better quality writing and playback for some technical reason that I don't even pretend to understand
  5. I thought it wa the other way round. Older players, such as my Phillips, can only read DVD+R, while newer ones, like my $90 Kmart Maganavox that I bought earlier this year, can read anything.
  6. I recently purchased a DVD recorder to replace my VCR, best thing i ever did.

    the question of +R Vs -R is a simple one, Pioneer made the first DVD writer for the market 1997 and it was a -R format, Then in 2001 Phillips introduced the +R format.

    any other manufacturer producing +/-R format must pay a royalty to either one or both of above, the +R format only came about so as Phillips can enjoy royalties & Pioneer wouldnt have the monopoly, hence older equipment was only -R making it a more compatable format.

    today everything is multi format, both companies get the royalty and it matters not what format you burn.
  7. Thanks Dan :applause:

    You have too much time on your hands mate..............
  8. A little tip to those buying dvd+/-Rs, look for 'Ritek' brand discs. They've got the right match for reliability and cost. Stay away from Princos or any 'dodgy sounding' brand. You don't want to start burning and realise that in a spindle of 50, fourty of them are coasters.

    So Riteks, you can't go wrong. Oh and the best place to buy them are at MSY. Currently its $25 for a spindle of 50 DVD+R.

    They're always busy and I'm having a feeling the Malvern store violates several fire safety codes (monitor skyscrapers or maze comes to mind, when you go there you'll know what I mean :)).
  9. hey taka, theres a place a little closer to us than MSY and still has great prices. check out www.empireit.com.au :D

    and yeah, i've been using riteks for some time now too, could that be why i havn't been making many coasters recently? :LOL:
  10. It depends on what you are using them for. I find that -R burns are generally more sucessful than +R. Also, -R is becoming the standard. Just go into JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, etc and see the amount of blank -R's versus the amount of blank+R's.
  11. I usually grab mine from here


    They're near the corner of Church and Vicoria St, Richmond. Good prices.
  12. Another vote for Riteks. Not only is the quality better, they're also more compatible with the various burner flavours. Though again, doesn't matter so much these days.
  13. We've got two PCs with a Pioneer D109 and a Liteon DVD burner each. We've run 2 spindles of 50 discs of Ritek and Ridata through each PC and 3/4 of a spindle of Princos without any hassles. Only issue is that the Princo surface doesn't have as good a print result (they're all printable DVDs).

    Also, they're all -R discs.

    Do you think that we should run +Rs?
  14. I wonder if this is the same mob that wanted me to pay a fee to become a "platinum" member in order to get the cheaper prices. In any case, doesn't seem to be any better than say, Computers and Parts Land in Notting Hill.

    What I'm looking for are printable discs with a glossy surface. I've only seen matt coated discs. While they look OK, I'm wondering if a glossy disc would have a better printed finish, like photo glossy paper, for example.

    We've got a Canon Pixma ip3000 which has a disc thingy that allows you to print directly to discs. An excellent printer.

    It's really great for printing onto discs that I record the World Superbikes, MotoGP GPs and Australian Superbikes on.....
  15. Picked up a 50 spindle of TDK +R's for $44 at JB's in the city.

    Yeah, I know they can be found cheaper but I don't have the time and I wanna play with my new toy tonight :p

    CPL is also in Dudley St between Spencer & Dudley St's for those on the better (Western) side of town, that's were I got a 50 spindle or Princo -R's for $25 on Saturday. Just be warned they are slower than a wet month in there, took 10 minutes to sort out paying and then finding the spindle out the back and the shop was dead quiet at 2pm on Saturday arvo :roll:
  16. I havent had a problem with Ridatas either. Biggest problem is they dont print right to the center, therefore the biggest one i use but are hard to find are a brand called Spider. They come off the same manufacturing line as one of the big brands and are printable right to center.
    I use an LG burner and have not had a single coaster.
  17. I've only made DVD coasters from Sony drives, but then again it is a phony.

    Pioneer and LG burners have never given me an issue. Princo DVD's have also been fine for me. From what i understand there are only 4-5 CD manufacturers around the world anyway, as long as it came from the Princo or Shintaro factory they've generally have never given me an issue.

    The last computer store i worked for I had seen 3 Princo spindles get brought back as an apparant 50 stack of "coasters" But they were using MSI and Phony DVD Burners. When the spare ones were tried on the Pioneer drives in the showroom, not an issue.
  18. Woo Hoo, it works \:D/

    Turned the first one into a coaster by ejecting it before finalising it which takes a couple of minutes but I'm now the proud owner of a DVD Recorder.
  19. imatation brand blank disc's , good or bad ?. They are very cheap at the computer swap meets.