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[DVD] Joey Dunlop 1952-2000

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Spud Gun, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. I bought this on Amazon recently and watched it last night.


    This is an UTV documentary (Ulster Television) and its absolutely brilliant! Its about one and a half hours long and it covers his life and his early days, all the Ulster GP and TT races, right up to his death in Talin, Estonia. It gives a great insight into the kind or person he was, and how much he adored riding and racing a motorcycle. I didn't know that he won the 2 classes of races immediately before he died in the 125cc race in Talin. All at the age of 48. There is some great in bike footage of a lap of the Isle of Mann and its worth getting just for that. It is breathtaking! There was one bit where he was explaining a racing line between 2 front walls of houses facing each other, and he explains how that bit scares the other riders as you sometimes scrape your helmet on the wall going past, but it didn't bother him. He also explained that he never fell off at the TT, but nearly did once on his first ever TT as that was the first time he had ever seen the circuit. He hadn't even been round it in a car! So he came to a corner (Ramsey I think) and literally didn't know which way to go, and nearly lost it. You also hear the now fameous story of the cop in Oz stopping Joey and asking him if he thought he was Joey Dunlop. It did happen and the yellow lid inspired the question from the copper. A great DVD with an insight into the greatest road racer that has ever lived, a great road racing documentary and with some genuinely awsome footage. There are also some interviews with Colin Fogarty and Barry Sheen. Not a lot of extras on this DVD, but you dont miss it as the doco has such great content. A must have for fans of TT, road racing or motorcycling in general. Even if you dont like bikes, its worth getting to see the life of a sporting legend.